Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain


“And since then he’s done fuck all but I thought I’d buy him anyway”


Argh he wears the colours well. Bastard.


As I said many times, I’m glad he’s gone


Bye Ox. Thanks for the memory.


Memory is an incredibly apt word.


It was carefully chosen. :slight_smile:


No message for us yet :rofl:






^^ Ah there we are! Some meaningless instagram bla bla to reinforce the bond between player and supporters :sunglasses:


It seems as if the only Arsenal players with a smile on their face are the ones who have left.


In all fairness to the little cunt, he’s moved to the club he supported as a kid, for less money than we offered and also turned down Chelsea where he was more likely to win silverware than here or at Liverpool. I genuinely think this is a move he’s made for his own development and I kind of respect him for that. No hard feelings from me, he had a year left, we got good money for him.

Only thing I would criticise is, why so close to the end of the window?


Arsenal werent prepared to sell him until the Liverpool debacle.


Absolutely zero hard feelings here, I just wish he’d gone 3 or more years ago - we might have got someone decent instead

I mean, didn’t Leiucester pay some ridiculous fee for Mahrez?

Moving to Liverpool lol - not laughing at the club but at the fact of moving to Scouserland


The only negatives I have towards Chamberlain are based on that non-showing vs. Liverpool. But then, Wenger was dumb enough to play him.

So yeah no real hard feelings towards him, if he ends up as a central midfielder he’s either achieving his promise or sabotaging a domestic rival for us


Only Wenger would have put so much faith in you :hipster:

#2102 £50m


Great deal. Congrats Stan. :kroenke:


Unless those incentives are very easy to achieve like turning up for training, the club won’t be getting any of those bonuses.


I quite liked this response:

How the fuck would you know lmaooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo