Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain


Only a masochist would admit to being a Gooner in this day and age. :zipper_mouth_face:


It’s naïve. Liverpool promised the same shit to Joe Cole who went to play centrally and got wing’d or benched soon after. Jimmy Milner I think turned down a new City contract because he didn’t want to be an undervalued utility man, now a right footed left back.

Wanting to play for a position rather than for a team, club or coach feels flawed to me. So much can change.


Ya it’s selfish you play where you need to play. Except at Arsenal, where Wenger picks your position out of a hat.


I meant Ox.


He may be naive, but I would also question who created this messy situation and what made him turning down a bigger pay check and a place that he is familiar with, to a totally new place?


No mate, things were well and truly fucked the moment the club offered Wenger a new contract. Wenger’s golden boys leaving is just another confirmation of the fact that there is not sign of things improving, and they won’t for the foreseeable future.

On the plus side, at least now we will have one less player playing out of position, hopefully.


Not at all, as he wasn’t one our best and most loved players.


Good luck OX wishing the kid all the best - just glad he turned down the plastics for the scousers - slightly easier to stomach.

No real loss to us and opens up space for someone else in the team (Reiss-Nelson) not to mention the ridiculous wage bill.


Not bothered hes gone at all. Think were ever he plays he will enjoy his football more under Klopp though. The games simpler and be more enjoyable for a player like him.


I’d laugh my bollocks off if he pulled his hamstring during his first team debut , especially in the warm up.


Didn’t think Ox would have been purchased for a heavy amount.
Didn’t think Ox would have generated even 25m given he has just one year left in contract.

Turns out this window is really bizarre.
Sucks to lose him when he is finallly getting himself sorted but 40m for him was not something I considered before. This was a proper ‘bite off the hand’ before they withdraw moment.



stop it


Or a beret in Wenger’s case.


When a player Wenger talked about being the future of the club and team joins Liverpool just a week later. Fucking hell, this is some weird shit.


I actually blame Perrie for this. She dated Zayn - he quit One Direction. She dated Ox - he quit Arsenal.

Can only hope she has a thing for old men and goes for Arsene Wenger next!


redemption for them selling us Jimmy Carter Ash.


So where’s our instagram message telling us how much he loved his time at Arsenal, thanking all the supporters? :heart_eyes: I mean I know he’s busy but this is 2017, it’s going to happen in the next few hours right?


Lol , Stroller , that’s a name from the past .
Jimmy the Jinx