Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain


Have they told him this? ohhh


I said it ages ago that he best the ox can hope for would be to have a career like James Milner, The thing is bough James Milner has a fucking killer cross and is extremely reliable, things the ox needs to add to his game if he’s gonna get anywhere near



Sorry, but you’re just making figures up. Haven’t seen any sort of reliable report suggesting there’s a sell on clause or, if there’s is, what it might be.


I’m sorry Shamrock :pensive:

I shouldn’t rely on gloating Midland based Liverpool fans’ whatsapp messages for these erroneous figures, I suppose



Haha I’m not sure the apology was necessary. :slight_smile:


See ya…?



Looks like he’s just seen Klopps teamsheet for the first time.


LOL! It’s that “Oh fuck, what have I done?” moment.


“I’m so gonna miss being called Lexi by a legend on an internet forum”



Maybe he actually had a chat with James Milner.


He’s probably having an internal debate about who’s cooler, James or Aaron.


I said earlier in the summer that I worried if Arsenal and Liverpool were going for a Sanchez in 2017 rather than 2014 then he could well end up picking them, but I really didn’t see this coming.

In this situation it’s alright because many of us here don’t rate him and I’m not even worried about replacing him, but this is a player we were trying to keep effectively forcing his way to Liverpool and really this could have been any of our players.

Fuck me we need to shape up.


He did reject Chelsea though so with that line of thinking they should be worried too


Weird seeing him in a Liverpool kit.


Was weirder seeing him in an arsenal kit for so long really with how shit he was most of the time.


Yeah I kind of hope he flops in midfield for them.


Did not go for a bigger pay check but aim for his favorite position instead.
Being a gooner or not, I respect his decision.
All the best, Ox.


And to be clear your not right?