Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain


Chelsea gave us William “The Skipper” Gallas #10


See if he does perform well at CM for Liverpool it will be just another nail in the coffin of Weng.


If they play him on the wing and he’s better than messi wenger will look like a fool too, both are about as likely


He will probably suit Klopp’s tactic of just running really fast in a straight line towards the opposition goal



Lol Klopp is so funny. Hope he turns Ox into the player that I think he is.


I think Chamberlain is going to well at Liverpool.
He needed a change and I think going to a club with a manager that will play him regularly in a position that suits him, he will be far better for them than he was for us.

We got a lot of money for a player that wasn’t a first team regular for us but we didn’t get a replacement.

I think Wenger has made a big mistake selling him, and an even bigger one not replacing him.


You reckon? I don’t think he slots straight into their starting 11, certainly not in central midfield anyway. Sure he’ll get some game time, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it was regularly from the bench. I think Liverpool would have been better off investing the money in a CB to be honest.


You’re only singing this tune because Wenger sold him. There was no need to replace Ox. As soon as we switch back to a back 4, he’d have become redundant again anyway.


I said at the end of last season that Chamberlain could really push on and become a good player for us.
Of all the players we could have sold, Chamberlain was never one of them, especially after this season when we lose Sanchez, Ozil and Cazorla, who we clearly won’t adequately replace.


We would have been losing Ox too, for free…


That’s true.
That’s pretty much all our best midfielders.
After this season we are in an even bigger mess.


Ox isn’t in any discussion of best midfielder.


1st/2nd choice RWB
2nd choice LWB
2nd/3rd choice RB
4th/5th choice CM
3rd/4th choice RW

If we eradicate the wing backs from the formation there’s no need to replace him. He’s at best a Crystal Palace level CM and winger IMO

Yeah he might improve but it won’t be instant. Another year or two of being mediocre to become good would mean we had to wait 7 or 8 years. He was misidentified as an elite talent and 17/18 year old elite talents become good players by 22/23 mostly.

There’s nothing wrong with being a non-elite talent and at 27/28 he may even be a good player, but you’d have to call his Arsenal career a massive mistake. He should have been working his way up the pyramid but he never even had a loan here so he went from a run of games in League One to squad player in a title chasing (lol) / CL club.

Walcott’s career trajectory was very similar too, so hopefully we learn some lessons. We didn’t need to replace Ox but maybe what we should have done is bought a player to allow Iwobi to go and be a key player somewhere else for a year. It feels like simply putting a player in the first team isn’t working anymore for us. I can’t think of the last player we properly developed into a good one. Not even world class, just good. Possibly Ramsey I guess or Song, but both had/have noticeable flaws still. There’s no point buying players so young if they’re not going to progress for us.


Our 3rd best attacking player but also such a good footballer we played him at wing back


Good moves for all parties tbh although £40m is huge. He’ll get that chance in midfield and for a team that suits him down to a tee. Up to him to take his one and only chance.


Why is there still any discussion about him?


Thread needs locking down - kids gone, history.


Probably misused by Wenger, but to be fair I don’t see him doing well when given the opportunities. Some amazing runs but with no end product. Kind of like Gervinho. Would he even be starting if we have Ozil, Cazorla, Xhaka, Ramsey and even Wilshere on form?