Aaron Ramsey

It’s been all downhill since he left. Best player in the Emirates era.


We’ve definitely missed a runner and goal threat from midfield.

Because we were on top when he was here right :pepe1:

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Since his breakout in 2013 he’s been integral to our team. Definitely would like to know what’s our win percentage with him and without since the start of that season.
This guy was actually a big game player too unlike the other bums we have right now and had in the recent years.

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I’ve got bad memories of the Ramsey and xhaka pairing in Wenger’s last season.

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We won 3 FA Cups, something that right now I don’t think we can even consider.
Hell, even the League Cup is out of the question. :man_facepalming:

Well the way things are going we’ll be able to compete for the Championship soon. :pepe1:


Wenger giving no fucks playing Xhaka, Wilshere, Ramsey and Ozil. :sweat_smile:
He knew we were dead defensively so he staggered up our midfield with creative players and tried to outscore our opponents.

Other than the 13/14 season I think I preferred when Ramsey played out on the right. Especially when it was him and Bellerin on that flank :grin:

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He really found his level on the bench of Juventus. Greedy cunt.


I agree.
He and his agent fleeced us.
Can’t stand him and his over inflated ego, so he can go to West Ham or Everton where most of our has beens go to earn even more money.
He might be good enough to get in our midfield but that says more about our lack midfield quality than it does about him.

Seems harsh to label him a greedy cunt when the move was clearly a ambitious one too. If he’d moved to China, sure, evidently just in it for the money, so greedy cunt might feel apt. But he traded in a probable ninth place finish with Arsenal for playing for one of the greatest clubs in the world, I don’t see why he should be judged because they decided to offer stupid wages in addition to the opportunity to play for them.


Yeah I imagine he thought he could prove how good he was there. I’ve no idea if he did or not but the constant rumours of them wanting to offload him would suggest maybe he didn’t.

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Post was meant sarcastic, because this applies to everybody who has left Arsenal :eyes:. But somehow Ramsey doesn’t get any slack and everybody else gets called out. So fuck him.



Is this sarcastic too?