Aaron Ramsey

Full name: Aaron James Ramsey

Date of birth 26 December 1990
Place of birth Caerphilly, Wales
Height 1.78 m
Playing position Midfielder

So average.

Guess he did his hamstring.

Any news on his injury?

Looks like a standard Ramsey injury. Hamstring/Groin BORING

When the going gets tough - sit down and pretend to be injured.

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I want Ramsey GONE more than i do Walcott!

Honestly maybe it was the cynic in me but the timing of him going off just left me questioning his guts.

The guy is a (dumb) cunt pure and simple.


Haha Rio absolutely ruined him :joy::joy:


He is another player along with Ox and Theo that Arsenal could have cashed in this summer.

Now, he’s crocked again.

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Utter ponce

Ox did more in 5 minutes than Ramsey did in 67.

Not having a go at you, but i wish people would lay off of Ox. he’s better than people give him credit for. he needs an extended run in the team, these injuries are destroying the kids confidence and future. i hope they’re all behind him and he goes from strength to strength.


I would have cared if Ramsey got injured two to three seasons ago. Now I couldn’t care less. Happens too much and he’s an average player.

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Standard injury. See him at the end of september.

Something tells me Ramsey thinks he’s too good for Arsenal. He plays a really free role for Wales and maybe that’s gone to his head.

In any event him being injured isn’t really news but it is an issue until Özil comes back unless we’re going to give Iwobi a run at the ten.



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There are injuries and then there are injury blows.

This is most certainly an injury.


Standard injury.

Just rewatched the extended highlights.

Was anyone else disappointed with Ramsey? I’m not really sure what his best position is at this point and I don’t think he is getting any sort of tactical instructions from Arsene or gives a crap what those instructions are.

Maybe we should have sold him this summer…:santi: