Aaron Ramsey

Which is Gareth Bale speak for “play golf”


Seems a bit rash to shop him after one year

If the 400k a week is true then juve are committed to paying him around 60m over the next three years. No surprise they’re looking to get him off the books.

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Well why the fuck did they offer him that twelve months ago? Has the whole management of the club changed since or something? Cos if not, they can hardly complain about the situation now the fucking idiots.

It seemed crazy to commit that sort of amount to Ramsey back then, nevermind now with the new financial situation clubs will be having to deal with thanks to Corona.

I still have my doubts it is actually 400k. Probably more like 300k with some sign-on bonuses and achievable bonuses that would take it to that.

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I bet his agent went into negotiations with the arguement that any % of his wage should factor in the transfer fee they didn’t have to pay. Unless a large signing on fee covered that? Wonder how much he got. Would love to see a breakdown of his deal there.

Wasn’t one of the reasons we pulled out from contract negotiations due to his agent making ridiculous demands?

Almost 90s, but still…

Cesc is always the same ffs :heart:

:facepalm: (wrong thread; was aiming at 90s football… :facepalm: )

Newcastle United has entered the chat

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That hip necklace is so Cesc and my generation. Always looked super chill coming back from the beach with a necklace like that on. Even more impudent was throwing it on after a match with your socks rolled down to your ankles, that really got the ladies feeling your vibe.


Sigh. Imagine that Arsenal could have had Xabi Alonso in his place. Dark times.

No they couldn’t

Why not?

There’s no way Liverpool are selling one of their prized players to a domestic rival.

They’re not Arsenal

‘One of their prized players’. Benitez wanted to get rid because he favoured Gareth Barry…

Doesn’t take away from the fact that Liverpool would never sell to us

Except they sold Torres to Chelsea. That Liverpool wasn’t the same Liverpool as John W. Henry Liverpool…

True I suppose.

They’re a wanky club anyway. Fck Liverpool

Yes they were going to. But we didn’t meet their valuation it’s all very well documented.

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