2022 World Cup

Dunno why he keeps getting jobs


Shit fucking manager and so glad that he’s been sacked.


Classic three-time loser, then.

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I thought of you when I saw it on twitter :joy::joy:

I’ve never known a coach to get us to the World Cup like he did but still be so wildly unpopular. Imagine if you had a coach who fell out with your best 2-3 players and dropped them. Then decided to rely on much lesser players and also refused to give so promising players a chance.

The player don’t like him, the fans revolted and he had to go

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Brazil shoo-in winners for WC 2022 surely?

Too many Brazilians firing on all cylinders recently. They’re gonna be an absolute force.

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Will any of the Arsenal players be starters for them?

Surely Jesus will take a spot in the team if he keeps this form up. Not sure about the rest.
Still even having our guys as backup is gonna be a massive asset.

The only weak point in their side are probably the full back positions but they’re absolutely stacked elsewhere.

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Here we go the official song off the 22 world cup

Awful song for an awful WC

tried to sell it like NBA/NFL

Don’t feel a bit of real football

What the fuck is this fucking shite.


Absolute shit. Song? Some bloke yapping for three minutes does not constitute a song. They should yank this one now.

Lasted 27 secs into the video. Pure garbage, suits this Qatar winter WC tbh.

Seen Tears for Fears name and switched off.

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Suitable song

12 years they have had to prepare for this and 6 weeks out they are conscripting people into national service as security officers. They’ve done well to dress this up as normal with the quotes in that article but it’s really not.

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Let’s hope they’re not armed. :grinning:
Untrained civilians with guns, guarding checkpoints at stadiums, with thousands of marauding fans.
What could go wrong?