2018 FIFA World Cup




Fckn threw it away. Positive for the future though and great management !!


All support an English team yet hate us. I can’t work that out, maybe it’s because we’re a bigger footballing nation :smile:


It’s hypocrisy at it’s best mate. But, they are football supporters, not exactly the most rational bunch, are we? :stuck_out_tongue:


They really should grab Wenger asap if they were smart enough to sack Southgate, but this gave them hope. I’m sure they’ll persist with him and continue to fail.


The EPL is glorious. The English national team and fans are mostly intolerable twats though, that fucking song is the stuff of nightmares.


The English national football team and Arsenal never really has or never will have a proper connection.


America, Iowa State, Arsenal. In that order and that is the full list.


Ooh, I’ll be on a huge quoting job tonight. :poldi:

'youre going home you’re going home, you’re going!

England’s going home…’



The reality is the team is full of fucking scum man, no way we could ever support these scrubs. Cmon should be fairly obvious.


Love you two guys, but England is not a bigger footballing nation than Spain :joy:

There are many other reasons not to like England (football).


So are Arsenal fans. :giroud3:


True lol. But we don’t have a song like that.


The fucking worst.


Lol damn man, my condolences :pray:


:kissing_heart: Tbf, I said nothing of Spain. Only that people supporting an English club hating England is hilarious.


You’re actually pathetic.


Tbf there’s a few Arsenal legends that would have been celebrating just like us tonight.

And one of our best current players I’m sure.

But speaking of, Ian Wright’s face :arteta:


You don’t get tough by title chasing.


It’s actually a disgrace the way Southgate had England shithousing their way through the torunament playing football Fat Sam of Bolton circa 2007 would be proud of. With this squad Wenger would have them humming 2006 style Arsenal.