2018 FIFA World Cup


Didn’t I say Croatia should have been on the Poll to win the tournament pre tournament ? Anyways only 1 shot on target in 120 minutes for England against a team that should have been tiring really isn’t good enough. Only reason I tipped England to win this game was the 2 shootout games for Croatia previously, but Modric is just such a class act they controlled the midfield.


I don’t hate England’s national team, but as an Arsenal fan that isn’t English, it’s pretty hard to see a team full of Spurs and Man U players (and Vardy) and cheer for them.


I don’t really see how that’s hilarious or contradictory in the least, tbh. Especially since England is the most global league. Most of us are here cause of Dennis Bergkamp, a dutch guy. The rest cause of Wenger or Theirry Henry, who are French. :grimacing:



Big Sam would have got to the final imo.


LOL ain’t no young Cesc and Hleb in this England midfield mate.


And Jordan Henderson. SO OVERRATED I can’t even.


100% the way I feel you’re going home Tottenham, City and United.


Davor Suker for me!!!


Do agree tbh. Why support an English team if you can’t stand their national team haha.


Love Island is melting your brain mate.


:joy::joy::joy::joy: Castiel back with a bang :heartpulse::sparkling_heart::heart::two_hearts::heart::broken_heart:


Hahah I love you man. Just gutted you know :sob:


Fucking hell guys. Can’t you see I’m spiraling and lashing out. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::rofl:


It’s good to have banter but I don’t really give a fuck either way about England. Obviously didn’t want them to win but couldn’t have given a fuck if they did


Love you Scots still man haha


Stop making me feel bad guys ffs.

I’ll be more reasonable and fair tomorrow or in a couple hours.

Let me relish in my relief and sheer joy right now pls.

@TheSpecialCnut ↓ OMFG :giroud3: :arteta:


My country is a smaller footballing nation that England buutt at least I have seen it won something. Twice.


Seriously though, Arsenal killed any hope and expectation I had for football. I’m not used to dealing with hope then despair. :disappointed_relieved:


Anyways, more reason to support MI ATLÉTI and MON GONES to avoid any potential contradiction!!