2018 FIFA World Cup



BBC and ITV today have announced who is showing who in the group stages next summer!


Best thing about no ROI will hopefully be Roy Keane and Martin O Neil as ITV pundits again.

We all know about Keane’s savagery but O Neil ends Vieira and Cannavaro here :wenger:

Forgot the second ‘L’ in his name but then he handed that to the others!


An all time great punditry moment there. Love it.


Yeah, seriously. He was pissed off haha


Just been thinking about it and I don’t know why there isn’t greater urge to boycott the world cup in Russia.




Loving that


Wait do they not do that every world cup anyway?



If he had it done it was done on English soil. The team isn’t any safer staying in England if Putin wants to Target then. Which he doesn’t.


I questioned above previously why there weren’t greater calls from the public to Boycott the WC in Russia. It’s very scary to know that kind of biological weapon was used offensively in the heartland of the UK let alone that someone brazenly authorised it usage. This is an incredibly serious incident

England should totally boycott this World cup. Fuck Russia


Italy could take our place…


You are lucky food insults are no longer allowed


Theres a reason to boycott every world cup tbh.


No way will our government or FA have the balls to do it but I think we should consider it. Not that we’ll be missed much haha. I just can’t believe more people are not angry about this, especially if it turns out to be a state sponsored killing on UK territory.

Anyway, the fact that Russia has the 2018 World Cup and Qatar the 2022 World Cup is hardly surprising considering the totally corrupt FIFA.


@Stroller - Is there? Russian activities in the last couple of years have consistently violated international Law and principles.

Russia is the only country who operates on this scale of interference in western democracies and gets away with it.

@will24 - Johnson made a comment about it and I think UK dignitaries might not take part or attend. Prince William won’t be there either

Gary Nevillie made a comment in response to Boris and I think he’s absolutely wrong. Football and politics do mix, stupid to deny it. Tell me how the world cup get to a places like Russia and Qatar consecutively. I hate Fifa and I’m starting to hate football because of how pervasive the corruption is

People should be livid! This is a terror attack.



Agree fully @sevchenko


I can certainly think of at least one other… :hamburger: :us:


Western nations would never interfere with another nation’s democracy!

Wed also never violate international laws and principles.


I never implied other countries are completely innocent. I mentioned scale for a reason even then Russia has consistently threatened Europe with military aggression and undue interference of free democracies.

What pushes me to say Russia don’t deserve the WC is their continuous desire to subvert fair play values in sport as a whole. The consistent doping scandals come to mind, the desire to cheat is totally institutionalised.


You certainly did imply it. The scale on which the US has interfered in others democracies is far greater. Ask some South Americans