2018 FIFA World Cup


Having a bunch of guys around 30 is a plus in this kind of tournament. A bunch of younger guys go down 1-0 in a WC semi with the weight of a small, war hardened country shit themselves, and never get back up off the mat.


Devastated, was watching the game on a fucking coach. My god the pain, the fucking pain.

Don’t think we’ll ever get this close for the remainder of my natural life. This was the one. Fucking Croatia.


It won’t though.


We truly have thrown away the most unmissable opportunity to go to a World Cup final.

Now we probably never will in the lifetime of anyone watching.

Harry Kane. The man who didn’t square it. The man who missed the open goal.


You will be don’t worry. England will eventually have far less spursy players and a proper manager.


Vive la France!! As an American, you gotta love the French… after all, they gave us a giant fucking statue.


I’m grateful to England for making me care about football again. :muscle:


That will be a sight for sore eyes :heart_eyes:


Croatia gives us affordable European beach vacations. I know which one I like more.


Modric. Player of the tournament.


Your talking absolute shit again.

Southgate is the best manager England have had in years


This was the Leicester season of World cups.


LOL. It’s easier to support Spurs and United players with Spurs and United fans, no?


To be fair, England only played two good teams at this World Cup and they lost to both of them.

It’s been great to see them get this far but they were overhyped.


Nah. France is not going to fuck this up.


One good team. One.


Wenger could easily win this tournament with that England squad. England played really shitty Bolton/Stoke style football the majority of the tournament. What percentage of their goals were set pieces?


Belgium? :wink:


England faced 0 good teams and lost twice.


Wenger. :joy: Why do i even reply to you