2018 FIFA World Cup


Just saw a shot of the VAR room. Looks crazy!!


God both teams look so nervous haha Ball is flying all over the place


We should be well rested for 2026 which is probably the next time we will qualify (via hosting). So things are looking up.


Recall Arshavin ! Creativity needed


Corner kicks are definitely going be the most exciting part of this match.


Good ball in good header. Bit of a boring match so far.


This russian team is full of old farts lel


I really like Golovin. He is fun to watch. Be interesting to see who he ends up at after the World Cup – no way he stays at CSKA

I wanted him last season, but i’m not sure he’s the type of player we’ll be after this summer


Dzagoev looks done


He’s a Wenger type so probably no hah

btw apparently Juventus are very close to signing him.


Poor Dzagoev :pensive:


Putin just won a bet. :unai:


Saudi Arabian Willian looks alright


Do you want to disappear never to be found again? :cech:


Saudi defenders look drunk


Faux angry Russians.


You suck.


Listen here, that wall is all American!!! Stars and Bars, motherfuckers, Stars and Bars!!


Better than India’s :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


A real Russian Steamroller. Wouldn’t be shocked if this games outcome was decided in some palace in Riyadh right after the draw.