2018 FIFA World Cup


3rd place in France 98, more than I can ever remember England doing in my lifetime :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Forgot about Uruguay another side stronger than England.


My sentiments. I don’t see the Croats making it out of that group. Uruguay is a good shout too, but I didn’t want to list all teams. I believe these are the biggest names both historically and currently, so I went with them.


I think croats will make it out of the group, but after just glancing at the set up you are right, England should make the quarters.


Croatia grown old together imo. Them and Uruguay to be out at the group stage for me.



Surprises: Belgium and Croatia


Going to be a pedant here but if you’re taking history into account then surely two time winners Uruguay have to qualify :eyes:


Jokes on you guys as you actually have to go to Russia :wink:


That’s why I said both historically and currently. When Uruguay were great Italy we’re great too but the South Americans haven’t come anywhere close to replicating Italy’s success on the international or club stage in the present day.


During the World Cup there will be no MDC. We will use this thread before, during and after matches.


Yeah but you’d argue that Uruguay have at least been competitive in international competitions in recent history. They finished 4th at the WC in 2010 and were Copa America champions as recently as 2011 so I think on that balance they’d deserve inclusion.

But again like I said, I’m just being pedantic lol. They aren’t going to win it anyway


Being old and experienced in WC is usually a good recipe to get out of the group. Croatia plays well with each other in a way other countries can’t seem to figure out. England cough cough.


Super excited for this tournament but not so much the opening game, there’ll probably be a random Russia/Saudi player nobody has ever heard of who scores a screamer and becomes a hero :grinning:


FFS :joy: :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Robbie Williams has still got it :sunglasses:


How do you rate the US Men’s National Men’s Soccer for the Nation of US Men’s Soccer National Team’s chances?




Im so hyped for this cracking match :yawn:


You just know it’s going to be a boring 0-0 shit fest because neither team wants to lose the first game of the world cup with the whole world watching.


Grass looks top notch though :ozil2: