2018 FIFA World Cup


Nice nipple tassels Vlad you kinky bitch


Nice finish

That’s the Chery on the cake… :see_no_evil:


Fair play to Russia, some quality goals today.

Saudi is a team of farmers though.


My colleague, who is from Saudi, wished for a 5-0 to Russia thrashing. He is fed up with the Saudi media who apperantly think they can win it all. :arteta:


Just you wait till the competition is expanded


Putin and the Saudi guy’s shoulders must be hurting after all that shrugging.


I know it’s a farce isn’t it?

Top players will be netting 5 goals plus in the group stages alone rather than the whole competition.

Really is a shame football is so corrupt.


Wow! Lost a 5-0 win! Gonna post all the goals later :slight_smile:


Russia have a better team than expected, or Saudi Arabia are just worse than expected. However Salah should have great fun v that Saudi defence


That’s a good point actually. The all time top scorer at the World Cup is a pretty sacred record, but it will more than likely be spoiled when you have a bunch of players capable of racking up 4+ goals in the group stages.


There are only two matches each once the group stages are expanded though. You’ll have players rested in the second game after a big win in the first.


Decent enough opening game but Saudi Arabia were woeful


Great brace tbh



What’s the official world cup anthem?

It’d have to go some way to better K’nan’s Wavin Flag from South africa 2010


The Asian confederation, that result pretty much shows why Australia never have any problem qualifying for the world cup.



Made in response to


Watch “World Cup Intro Themes BBC & ITV 1978-2010” on YouTube


It was the game between the two shittest teams in the WC. The less worse won. That’s it.


All the goals:

1-0 Russia


2-0 Russia


3-0 Russia


4-0 Russia. Super golazo!


5-0 Russia. Good free kick.



Despite what the rankings say, Russia are not the second worst team at the World Cup.

They are quite under rated and mis represented I think. They have some decent young players. I think they’ll get out of the group ahead of Egypt.