2018 FIFA World Cup


So you don’t work? :mustafi:


Lies. You’ll be posting the minute by minute on OA and you know it :wink:


I can’t at work, you tool :wink:


Haha I’m the same.

I’ll watch the first half of the 13:00 games on my lunch tho :wink:


I’m freelance. I’ve given myself a month off



You can’t ring love island contestants (is it a competition?) during half time and get some great soundbites?


Cocky lucky english :xhaka:


Okay so finally getting around to digging in to this World Cup. Things I learned or was surprised at:

1)Is Monreal in the Spain squad for real? Good for him
2)Fuck Pepe Reina
3)Cheering for the Croats for sure
4)Cheering for Brazil second because they have a guy named “Fagner” on their squad. Not sure if he’s really gay or if he smokes a lot


Not going to watch Russia vs Saudi Arabia 1am on a worknight, will watch Uruguay vs Egypt at 10pm Friday night though, really want to watch Spain vs Portugal but at 4am means I’d have to do an all nighter.


Hopefully Fernando can make us an Iron-hearted team.



So here we go. I am especially curious for France and Argentina’s debut.



Is beer even a thing in Saudi lel


HAPPY WORLD CUP DAY OA!! :heart_eyes:

France have dropped Giroud apparently

That’s their best team IMO.


@Calum @Electrifying


Who gonna win it? Vote!

  • Brazil
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • France
  • Argentina
  • Belgium
  • England
  • Portugal
  • Other

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I’d have Croatia in the poll and England as part as the other.


What have Croatia ever done?

England are a mix of Spurs and Man City, currently the two best teams in the world.


Make your own poll then :stuck_out_tongue:


England are going to get further than Croatia. I haven’t even got Croatia getting out of their group!

They’re one of the oldest teams at the tournament and increasingly reliant on Modric.

I’d have Uruguay as one of the options though. They’re strong all over the pitch.