2018 FIFA World Cup




Three countries hosting? Quite bizarre.


It’s basically the same country.


Dont get this. USA would easily be able to host this on their own. thowing Canada in the mix is unnecessary me thinks.


“continent” :slight_smile:


I’m upset because I feel like we deserved the chance to host the tournament and a WC in Morocco would have been excellent.


Morocco don’t have the money to grease enough palms to get a WC.


imagine all if the travelling involved between venues it will suck for the fans especially money wise and the players they will be knackered after that world cup with the constant travelling.


It’s gonna be Hierro, as he is already with Spain. No chance for someone from outside to come in.


They already announced him.


Bolton legend


The wisest choice.


He’ll be a national Hierro, if he manages to win the WC.

I’ll get my coat.


Typical Real Marketing. Always wanting to steal the limelight in the transfer market. Only this time, it’s to the detriment of the national side


If you’re interested heres it broken down

Spain were one of the country’s to abstain as they were too busy sacking their manager to vote :joy:


Hierro, another absolute boss from Ultimate Soccer Manager 98. I approve.


Russia-Saudi Arabia. Thanks god, i can’t watch it, as i am at work :slight_smile:




I was going to say great for Canada to qualify as hosts in 2026 but I forgot by then everyone qualifies for the World Cup.


Joke’s on you. It’s going to be the game of the tournament :sunglasses:

I’m going to watch every single game :giroud3: