2018 FIFA World Cup



Zidane: “Football? Completed it mate.”


WTF!? This is total madness! Perez has completely ruined Spain :arteta:


From West Ham to World Cup winner, do it



“Athletic Bilbo” :rofl:



I hear wengers available for a job


Basically someone in the fa has put their pride above the national teams interest. What a fucking clown.


Wenger is going to be one of the favourites for a lot of jobs until he gets one


Insane decision.

Yes it was a dick move by Real and Lopetegui but the Spanish FA have cut off their nose to spite their face.

What a bunch of absolute infants, can’t think of many worse ways to come into a tournament.


Seems a really petty move by the Spanish FA.


Spain v Portugal should be fun on Friday though

One team without a manager v a bunch of Sporting players wanting to terminate their contract, while Morocco just smile in the corner

Kinda regretting backing Spain now



Spain are literally the only team I had money on.

What the actual fuck man.


Awesome. I really want to go to that WC.


Bulgaria might even be there! as isn’t it gonna be 46 teams or something ridiculous in the next ones?

  1. But UEFA has only gotten three more teams.


A hell of a lot of travelling will be involved in that World Cup.

And that’s before you even consider how teams are going to get across that Mexican wall…


From the quarter finals onward it will be a USA only tournament. Teams in the group stages usually play multiple games in one city.


Another downside of 48 team tournament is how few countries can hold it. States will be in the mix quite a few now.


Everything is possible. A country like Qatar shouldn’t be able to hold a 32-team tournament either. Yet they are still going too.