2016 Summer Olympics - Rio


First of all congratulations, then every sport is important at an Olympic Game :ozil2:


The big four.

@Gunnerpr I’ve always felt if they put the effort into B then A will take care of itself. I actually think the 17/8 rule hinders things at the moment. It means players like John Stones and Raheem Sterling end up being worth 40m+ which is obviously ridiculous. I don’t disagree that they’re not really equipped to do that but basically i think it’s much more on them to do that before they impose further restrictions on who the PL teams can play.


Ludwig/Walkenhorst dominated the fuck out of that beachvolleyball competition. Thoroughly deserved gold, with the added bonus of crushing brazilian hopes in the semis and the final. Worst audience ever at olympic games.


I’ve got a huge crush on Laura Ludwig.


Men’s triathon has got underway. Big medal prospects in that one. GB currently in a bronze medal battle in the Badminton.


The Brownlee brothers showing the German twins how to actually do a triathlon in style.

Edit: well don’t I look the fool, turns out they held hands in the marathon.


Gold and Silver for the brothers! Absolute domination. Alistair completely cruised to the finish line. Jonathan always the bridesmaid, never the bride. The Ralf Schumacher of Triathlon :ramsey:

And we managed to get a bronze in the Men’s Double in the Badminton. Good times :slight_smile:


I heard Ryan Lochte lied about getting robbed in Rio the other day? What a twat if true.

Apparently to cover up the fact that he peed all over a petrol station. He always looked like a bellend to me.


It’s gonna be so difficult against Serbia in men’s water polo semifinal this evening. But we can do it!



What a dick.


It might only be the Quarter final stage of the Men’s BMX competition, but it’s taking some brutal hits already. So frantic, but always bloody brilliant viewing :smiley:


Read his behaviour has always been shit.


Jade Jones through to the final in the women’s Taekwando. Final takes places at 2am. Looking good so far from her.


10-8 to Serbia in men’s water polo semifinal. Just too strong for us. Now let’s hope to finish third.


Thoroughly outclassed. I have to scroll way down to even see Italy in the medal table. Not enough weirdo sports in the second half of the olympics, apparently. :wilshere:


No shame in losing to them, as they are the best in men’s water polo. We got a silver medal in men’s beach volley though :ozil2:


Another silver, eh? Maybe if you melted all those silver medals down, you could cast a fork out of it, for all the humble pie you have to eat. :poldi:


Bolt legendary status assured forever now. Must be one of the most popular sportsman of all time.


I’ve just found out USA sort their medal table by total medals and not golds. What sort of pussy attitude is that @morrisc311


Does it really matter when they end up top either way?