2016 Summer Olympics - Rio


And we have reached the final in women’s water polo :smiley:


Netherlands are in the women’s hockey final, knocked Germany out in the penalty shootout.


Aren’t they favorites?

Seems to be a bit of a random piece of information lol


Have no idea, first time watching hockey :santi:


Yeah hockey is pretty much Hollands domain :smiley:


Congrats, looked like a miracle for Germany to get to the penalties in the first place, and the penalties were so utterly shit, no way they deserved that final.


So now hockey is a cool sport for ze germans? :poldi: :stuck_out_tongue:


Two football finals, mate. Get back to women’s 10km open water, or men’s foil, or whatever.


I don’t even know the German name to half of the disciplines LFI talks about


Have to look up most of it. Bet he does, too. :joy:


GB join Netherlands in the final for Womens Hockey.


Seeing how team GB is such a big success in Rio, you should really think about doing the same in Football.


USA vs ARG basketball is on fire. ARG have the lead with 7 points 5 mins into the 1st quarter.


Only chance of that happening is if the PL cease to exist but the FA is too scared to really stand up to the PL and ensure british footballers are given the best opportunity to flourish and succeed.


Stand up to them to ensure that how exactly?


Penalty shootouts in Hockey are actually awesome


The way I see it the PL is at odds to achieving an ongoing conveyor belt of world class domestic talent. The number of foreign players increases every year, it simply will continue to do that. Last year only 33% was english. As every team is now awash with money it will potentially plummet.

The average spell of a manger in England right now is 1.2years. Youth players are in the hands of managers. But why would a manager risk playing a unproven 19yr old when the club has a transfer budget of £30mill and you can buy someone with more experience and more likely to get you results immediately which is what the owners (and fans and media) demand. A prime example is Gnabry at West Brom.

So clubs have more money than ever and managers have less time to succeed than ever before. ergo there will be less players coming through the ranks. Whilst english players make up the majority of teams in youth there too the % has decreased. Clubs look abroad to supplement their youth ranks as well. Just have to look at ourselves there.

Having a conveyor belt of world class talent is a numbers game and in England those numbers are being squeezed.

That is obviously only half the story as we have a massive problem in developing players into potential world class talents pre 18 across the whole country which is a problem for grassroots and clubs outside the PL where I’m pretty sure everything is still rather draconian compared to academies in Europe. That too is ultimately the fault of the FA and I honestly dont think a) they have the balls to get the PL to be far more domestic talent orientated and b) have the know how to actually transform grassroots coaching and development to the extent that it would yield massive results (like our olympic sports), mainly because like FIFA its full of old cronies.


How come neither Germany nor Netherlands made the Men’s final though? Belgium and Argentina, are they really hockey heavyweights?

Fuck me, Pakistan didn’t even qualify for either mens or womens events, wow.


Brilliant performance from the girls. Going to be hell of a final against the Dutchies. Bring it @Bl1nk


Basketball Semi Finals… USA vs Spain & Australia vs Serbia.