2016 Summer Olympics - Rio



Not in Bejing.

And presumably the other 200 countries in the table are irrelevant.


I just follow and support my country. Everyone should do it at every Olympic Game. But this german hates on me :bellerin:


When you’ve got as many as we have there’s no time to separate them all out and count by color.


We face USA twice today: men’s volley semi-final and women’s water polo final. Fuck them! C’mon! :bellerin:




while wearing skiing boots


Italy-USA is a cracker.


BMX competition continuing on the usual drama so far. So close racing. Certainly been one of the best additions in recent Olympics.

@Leper , they played Metallica’s Enter Sandman at one stage before one of the races :sunglasses:


Starting to hate USA and that guy Holt. He’s a fucking machine.


The BMX racing is fucking awesome. The aussies and the Dutch are very very good.


Brilliant finals. Well done to all the competitors! Now waiting for the big Hockey final tonight.

@Bl1nk just showed me a couple of the Dutch girls in the team :giroud2:



Great game played by Italy, proud!


What a fucking great game! Back to the wall we won it in the end.


Ellen Hoog :sunglasses:


GB save a penalty and then minutes later take the lead! :slight_smile:


Seriously the gold medal for bangable babes goes to the Dutch this Olympiad.


Should bring back the Olympics Babes thread @morrisc311 :wenger:

Cracking final so far. Dutch scoring twice this 2nd quarter, but we managed to respond immediately with an equaliser.


USA got a bit of revenge in women’s water polo final. 12-5 for them against us.


Such a tense Hockey final this. GB just equalised again, to make it 3-3. Around 7 minutes of the match remaining. The Dutch have been superior, but GB more clinical.