2016 Summer Olympics - Rio

The Olympic Games due to take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from 5 to 21 August 2016

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Yes!! Can’t wait for this :slight_smile:

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I’m pumped for the Olympics. Think it’s pathetic the row that the countries and athletes are putting on vs Brazil. Embrace the danger and adventure you twats.

I think the Olympics is my favourite sporting event, even more so than the World Cup. Love watching all these random sports, helps that there’s almost always GB interest.

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Always an enjoyable event, hope it all goes well in Brazil despite all the problems they’ve had leading up to the games.

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Completely valid criticism imo.
There is some swimming competition wherein athletes will be swimming through a zone which is contaminated because of waste disposal.

Apparently officials have informed swimmers to not open their mouth when they swim through the said zone. :expressionless:

I’m gonna follow water polo, cyclism, volleyball and fencing very close. They are my favourite sports at the olympics games :slight_smile:

Okay so don’t go then, like a bunch of other potential Olympians have chosen to do. No one is forcing these athletes to do anything. For someone that bases their entire OA persona on disliking whining you don’t seem to have a problem here.

Great comparison.
We are fans, Most we do for this club is walk to stadium, watch the match, get enraged & post online.

Olympics happens once every 4 year.
Athletes prepare for it for entirety of those 4 years or even more.

You want them to abandon their dreams & efforts because the organiser couldn’t do their job?

I would understand your point, had the condition were disclosed 4 years ago.
But these conditions are only known 2 weeks before the event.

How difficult is it to understand?

My favourite olympic moment of all time. It always brings tears to my eyes. It was an epic way to win gold medal :giroud2:


Who remembers Eric the eel? :smiley: What a moment.

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So looking forward to watching Mo Faraha and Bolt enhancing their legendary status here.
Really look forward to the rowing as Britain usually does well.
Always wonder why we dont display flags for this like the football. We at least show up at the olympics.

WTF!? :cech::bellerin:

I take that’s a no then LFI :smiley:

This is probably the first memory I have of the Olympic Games. Michael Johnson smashing the 200m record at Atlanta 1996,


Winter Olympics games, but that was so funny :coq:



I love the Olympics. Mo Farah winning those two golds was the highlight of London 2012 for me.

…but I just can’t believe the games are all clean like we’re led to believe. That doesnt spoil my enjoyment of them, those athletes are still doing things the vast majority of the population can’t so it’s still a great spectacle regardless.


I can’t believe how quickly 4 years have passed since the games in London. Interested to see Brazil’s take on the games. What Brazilian sporting legends they’ll use at the ceremony. London has set the benchmark high.

This was one of my favourite moments from London :arteta:

The olympics will be a welcome distraction given the lack of excitement around Arsenal atm.

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He’s feeling good and happy, and probably proud. That’s what matters! may be participating in the Olympics was the achievement for him and his country.

My favorite Olympics moment.

Not sure if I really care a lot about the Olympic games this year. I’ll probably just be watching a few selected sport disciplines, but won’t be as invested as I used to be.