Young Talents


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Kessiè, Gagliardini and Caldara. They all play for Atalanta.

He is a DM who can play as CB as well. Not that tall, but he is very strong physically. He is a good penalty taker.

They call him “the white Pogba”, as he plays in his same position. He is very tall compared with Kessié, but his technique is sublime.


Very strong CB with an eye for goal (a bit like Koscielny).


Gasperini has the team flourishing. Gagliardini is my favourite of the players you mentioned. Good talent.


Apart Gagliardini, Kessie and Caldara, Atalanta have Alberto Grassi (Napoli risked to ruin him), Andrea Conti and Petagna.


He’s just wonderful. His first touch is so classy.


Bazoer is joining Wolfsburg in January for a reported fee of €12m, seems a small fee for a player that was followed by elite clubs only 12 months ago.


Yeah, a big U-turn this one.


Ffs let’s buy him.


I think I missed this thread entirely incl. us being linked with Isak. This is the kid I tried to sign up for Trion’s ‘race to world class’ thread a couple of months ago:

He is probably the first attacking player from Sweden that has decent potential since Guidetti, not that it necessarily means he’ll deliver on it.

The thing is we don’t usually foster technical players with an alright first touch and some sense of how to finish, this kid has something like that. We do grow players which tend to deal with a physical game fairly well, so there’s a good chance he could handle that too eventually, potentially having a combo of both (like Zlatan) but he’d have to bulk up a bit, he is still lanky.


When are we gonna get Kasper Dolberg and when is he going to win us the treble?



Bellerin & Iwobi included.


Interesting, but a lot of bullshit in the assessment of the 2016 class imo.



Tielemans scored two screamers today for Anderlecht. This is his best goalscoring season by far, 16g/9a in 36 appearances mostly as a CM, crazy to think he’s been around for so long and has well over 100 league appearances (almost 30 in Europe) but is still only 19.


Was he not supposed to be signing for athletico or did that fall through?


I don’t know why any top club signed him :no_mouth:


How the F*ck is he still at Anderlecht?