Young Talents


Proud to say that this is probably the first thing I’ve actually seen before you posted. :sunglasses:


Portuguese press including O Jogo are convinced we’re seriously interested in Porto’s young 9 Andre Silva.

Porto & Benfica (Guedes) are the two clubs in Portugal our reps regularly attend games of.


He’s basically a poacher a la Falcao though, no?

I have a hard time seeing Wenger signing a player like that. Especially if he costs more than the say £20-25m that Eduardo’s fee would correspond to in today’s market.


How accurate is this?

Over to our resident mediapunta expert @AbouCuellar


Can’t say for sure but from what I’ve read he’s a bit more than just a poacher.


lol guys, mediapunta is just #10 really, though it’s a preferable term because #10 can mean a lot of things including a sort of 2nd striker like Dybala, which isn’t really too comparable to the role Mesut plays, who is a pure mediapunta. But yeah when I say mediapunta just understand #10, anyways I thought it was a term used a lot even with english fans hence why I used it here.


I can honestly say I have literally never heard an English person use the phrase mediapunta. I’d never heard of it till I read it in one of your posts.

I know what it means though, it’s just affectionate ribbing mate :+1:


Haha in retrospect I think I thought it was okay to use here because I read an article on ESPNFC by an English columnist using the term lots, but it might’ve been Sid Lowe or Graham Hunter. :grimacing:


A young Portuguese box striker playing for Porto and represented by Mendes?

He seems destined to end up with Mourinho at United once the Zlatan experiment runs its course.


Those football hipsters on twitter and the realm of social media and in normal media are usually using those kind of terms… smh.


Not getting the same amount of game time as he did last season but Koziello remains one of the biggest talents in France.


@A.F who’s this then?


Over 90 scouts at his last match according to SPORT, lol. Barça and Madrid competing for him amongst others. Comparisons with Ibrahimovic although I watched a youtube video of him and it’s pretty crazy how quick and technical he is for his size. Puts Sanogo to shame sad to say. :anguished:


You could probably put Sanogo to shame though, ask him for some of his wages and take his place!


Honestly, I don’t know. :smiley:

I’m really the wrong person to ask.




Anyone know?


I read about our interest on another Marseille talent: Maxime Lopez.


I’d rather we go for Dolberg than some Swedish prick


Probably another youngster. Nothing to get excited about really.