Young Han Solo: Another Star Wars Story


Harrison Ford is going to a Hollywood Star Wars premiere?

I’m flabbergasted.


well paid


So I just got home from the premier. This movie was absolutely brilliant.

Alden is fantastic as Han, he doesn’t do a Ford impression at all and puts his own spin on it but he nails the character.

Glover does more of a Lando impersonation, but he was so damn charming and he and Alden had chemistry together. Fuck I loved every minute of them on screen.

Maybe I’m exaggerating because being at the premier is a completely different experience, but imo it’s legit the best star wars movie since 1983.


Also got to meet a couple of the people in the movie, the second one is the guy that plays Chewie :joy::joy:


Dude, don’t fail me.

I will watch it and see if it is that good as you said



Is their any Apprences from anyone in the film ie Vader in rogue one?


All I will say to that question is this…


Just stay away from social media on the topic if you wanna be surprised. I see spoilers floating around already…


Oh Am itriguied now.