Young Han Solo: Another Star Wars Story


Yeah I almost forgot about this! Looks absolutely epic!!!


Sorry, Harrison Ford will be Han Solo forever in my life.:joy:


They should have gone full CGI with a young Harrison Ford.


Naaaaahhhh. That shit looked horrible when they did it with Captain America, Tony Stark and Jack Sparrow.


I don’t get why only one actor can play a character. James Bond has been portrayed by what, 6 or 7 different actors? Don’t see why Han Solo should be any different. There are a lot of stories to be told, as long as the movie is good and not George Lucad prequel status, I’ll be content.


That’s why some Bond were successful and some failed??

A few years back… I saw some polls on who the best Bond ever was… if I am not wrong… Sean Connery was still the top one.

We may have a bunch of Han Solo movies in the next few decades… but I believe Harrison Ford would still be the best Han Solo ever. The character was tailor made for him and he was tailor made for the character.

Won’t doubt the story or visual effects will improve, and they can make some good movies… and they will have different versions of Han Solo… unfortunately, a lot of them will have to live under the shadow of the original Han.


Some people just don’t like change. I’m more worried about the story line than the actors. The now “not cannon” Han Solo trilogy was awesome and it doesn’t look like they drew from those books at all. But we’ll see. Anyway, I think casting Donald Glover as a young Lando was a good call. I don’t know anything about the kid they cast as Han… I’m willing to give him a chance though.


@ronniec lol well I’m one of the people who liked Roger Moore as bond a lot more than Sean Connery. Imo I want to see all of these star wars stories come to life as long as they are done properly. Harrison Ford can’t play young Han, so the only solution is to cast someone that can at least get the character down properly. Either that or just don’t make the movie, I prefer the former.

I trust Lawrence Kasdan to come up with the goods. Agree on Lando. He already looks like the most bad ass character in the movie.


Also @NeedCoffee

Yeah, I am the kind of people don’t like change… old school , old fart :slight_smile:

If you want to make a Han Solo movie, why not wait for a few more years, at least let Harrison Ford start fading away from our memories?? The old Han, just appeared in episode 7 a couple of years back… he is still fresh in our minds…

A new Star War movie/series… fine… Rogue One is a good try… new characters, plus a CG Princess Leia…


I loved rogue one. Better than any of the new movies or prequels.


The idea of the movie was great… and I understand the set up (how much sacrifice to get the blueprint of Death Star)… but I don’t enjoy “everybody’s dead” and too one-sided movie.

They talk about “balance” all the time in Star Wars, but Rogue One had zero balance at all.


They had too kill everybody since Princess Leia said in the first movie the people died getting that piece of information. They didn’t kill everybody off for no reason.


I knew that…

I did not say it was a bad movie…

The plot was good, the setting was good… all new characters…
But life is just tough, not prefer to watch a dark and heavy movie… Rogue One is not a movie that you would feel “good” after watching it.

Same as watching Kylo Ren killing Han (and still an inferior Jedi to Rey), and same as watching Luke died unnecessary in Episode 8… don’t feel good.


Yes it was a very dark movie, however they really needed a movie to highlight the wars part in star wars. That movie did it better than most.


This looks reallllllyy good to me.


Is this a Disney movie also???

Just curious if there is any steamy scene in the movie.
Don’t tell me Han never slept with another woman(women) before Leia. NO WAY.


Sex in Star Wars that wouldn’t work it send the fans in uproar


Not sure if Episode 2 were/are under Disney, there were a lot of kissing and sex hints from Anakin…


Yeah a lot of them probably dont know what that is :henry2:


Guess who’s going to the Solo movie premier on Thursday in Hollywood!!!..THIS GUY!!