Young Han Solo: Another Star Wars Story


For me Rogue One was a much better movie than Episode 7. Don’t get me wrong, Episode 7 was good but it seems to me that the standalone star wars movies have less to live up to because nobody is holding them up to the standard of Ep 4 and 5, mostly because they aren’t an extension of the original trilogy. Also it seems like the directors have more license to be creative. So from what I’ve read about this upcoming film, I think it has a chance to be very different, but very very good. Jedi are cool and all but im partial to the Lando’s, Han Solo’s, and Chewbacca’s in the star wars universe.

Han Solo: Alden Ehrenreich

Lando Calrisian: Donald Glover (Childish Gambino :joy: he did just win a golden globe though so he’s got the chops)

Han Solo’s Mentor: Woody Harrelson

Obviously it’s very early, they haven’t even started filming yet, the release date isn’t until 2018. However I’ve read the movie will revolve around Han’s acquisition of the Millenium Falcon, and will also feature some heist elements which imo is the most exciting thing. Who doesn’t love a heist movie? A heist movie set in the star wars universe starring Han Solo? Fuck yass!!. Anyways sorry for nerding out I’m kind of a hardcore star wars fan boy.


Gonna get hype fo dat kessel run doe


Lord and Miller are good at what they do and Disney is batting at a 1000 right now.

Cast looks cool too, can’t wait.


Bring on the kessel run. Also Woody is a legend.


OMG OMG OMG LOOKS DANK AF, just came out right now on the Super Bowl. Cool thing is they are sticking to the EU version of Han. He joined the imperial academy as a pilot :grin::grin::grin::grin:



Hoping this will be a lot closer in terms of quality to Rogue One, as opposed to that slapstick Disney crap from last year. I trust the standalones a lot more to deliver :+1:


for us old timers ep 7 TFA is a total abomination so new films like this are a blessed relief

I’m not even going to see Ep 8 because 7 destroyed the Star Wars universe so badly


This looks really good.

I just hope it his once it’s comes out


Not sold on it.

We’ll see, a proper trailer is out later today.


As Dark said, heres the proper trailer. Looks really really good tbh.


Yes looks agood film

still never forgiving Disney for destroying the otiginal saga with TFA though

I mean, and I don’t want to go through all the arguments again, just for instance

How the hell does Han Solo end up back as a smuggler years after Ep 6?

It makes ZERO sense. No matter what befell him he would surely have been able
to find something better to do considering he’s married to a fucking princess and you know a
total fucking hero of the resistance

fucking talk show guest appearances would be better than going back to crime



100% the “I thought we were in trouble there” tentacle scene is the Kessel Run. 100%.

Looks pretty good though, I don’t know how I feel about a non-Harrison Ford Han Solo but aesthetically and visually the film looks fantastic.


They didn’t destroy the original saga. Those three films still exist, you can still watch them as much as you like.

Just pretend the new ones don’t exist and carry on as before, nothing can take those films from you if you love them that much.


Or there’s always the option to read the EU novels which the fan boys seem to be a lot more content with.

Disney always had a difficult task by taking on a new trilogy. I think in hindsight it was a big mistake to take on the Skywalker saga and get three new movies out of it. The Star Wars stories like Rogue One and Solo are much safer bets tbh. I wish Disney had gone a different route if they wanted a new trilogy, like the Old Republic. Rian Johnson could have gone hog wild with new ideas and he wouldn’t have been questioned.


I don’t think it was a mistake, they simply executed poorly. However, they definitely have the people at Lucas Film i.e. the story group to do much better than the stuff they’ve put out. I wonder what they truly think of this new trilogy, I doubt it’s genuinely really positive vibes.

Kathleen Kennedy is a good producer but as head of Lucas Film she leaves a lot to be desired.


I have no problem with any of the recent Disney ones really, I’ve enjoyed all of them. Better than the fucking abominations that were the more recent ones with George Lucas at the helm.


fuck off tralking to me like that you little boy



If you’re such an adult maybe you shouldn’t be so petulant about children’s films :joy:

Just because you’re drawing your pension it doesn’t make everyone else a little boy haha


Not sure if I will like this film or not…
For all these years, Harrison Ford IS Han Solo, Mark Hamill IS Luke Skywalker…
I still remember their young faces in eposide 4-6…
Han just died a couple of years ago in episode 7, and Luke just died in eposide 8. Can’t get over yet.

Can they just make films for Boba Fett, or Qui-Gong Gin instead???