You know what really grinds my gears?

Funerals are really expensive too

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For sure. When my dad passed away, we took his body back to Morocco to bury him there but we had to have a service here, then pay to take the body back to Morocco and then also pay for the funeral back in Morocco. I was unemployed at the time, my two brothers were in Uni. If it wasn’t for the generosity of people around us we’d never have been able to afford that. I emptied my small savings out and people around us (my friends, family friends and stuff) were outrageously generous.


Obviously firstly and foremostly, what a horrific crime and thoughts must be with the family.

Secondly, what’s wrong with people extending their help through one of the only routes open to them to do which is financial assistance. In addition to funeral costs there could be considerable legal work ahead investigating this. I see the Met has already referred itself over the case.

Finally, not to minimise either crime but I really think there’s a disparity between the coverage of this murder and that of Sarah Everard and its hard to look beyond race as the explanation for that. Surely this warrented being as much a part of the discussion about public safety as that poor woman’s murder was.


Looks like suicide tbh mate. No foul play involved and think it was clear the moment he went missing that he’d ended his own life.

this old man who shops where I work, everytime he cues up he always shouts for someone else to jump on the till because he wants to be served straight away, today it was just him waiting and a lady I was serving in the cue and he was shouting for me to call for someone, he’s actually so rude, annoying and just thinks the world owes him, just wait like everyone else or use the self checkout, we know when to call someone else to help out on the till, not when some random old guy tells us

he does my head in


It does seem that hasn’t been confirmed but I do concede I assumed too much about the case.

However, it does still leave me wondering what the response would be in the case of a murder of a young black man. Or maybe I don’t need to, it happens on the regular in London and the media give it a cursory mention and strongly insinuate every victim was involved in gang activity and were partly culpable in their own death.

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There was 695 murders in 2020. Some murders just shock society more than others. Young men of any background killing each other is rightly or wrongly is less of a story. A police officer killing and probably raping a middle class young professional woman shocks society more. We’re meant to be able to not only trust police officers but expect them to protect us. Socially we tend to be more protective of women than men

In turn the killing Damilola Taylor made national news because it was shocking that a 10 year old school boy was killed. So no I don’t think it’s merely race, there’s many factors that shock society more.

In this case it sounds like a young man went to university and was completely isolated as he had sickle cell disease. It must have been very depressing for him. But we can’t say if there was foul play without knowing more.


People who say “addicting” when the word “addictive” would work perfectly well.


“Ugh, I just love these chocolates, they’re positively addicting.”


Keith Richards has a problem with addicting too drugs. Nah. Doesn’t work.

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Snorted his dad’s ashes, that one


Really disappointing book his.

This is niche. I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone say “addicting”, certainly not enough for it to register anyway.

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Talking like Yoda, why are we


When I wrote “say” that was meant to encompass the written word too. I’ve not heard many people say it but I see it written online plenty. So I don’t think its that niche, but I wouldn’t I guess, because its something I’ve noticed a lot.

Vocal Fry. Fuck, that annoys the shit out of me.

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Having lots of unread posts in threads grinds my gear. OCD overload :grimacing:


Got this in an e-mail just now. THE FUCKING GALL.

We understand that driving habits have significantly changed during the pandemic. If you’re driving less, or your driving habits have changed during the pandemic, you can request financial relief on your car insurance premium.

mileage icon\ 140x140

Log in to your Client Centre and answer one question about your driving habits.*

You could get back the equivalent of up to one month of your car insurance prem

I bought my Toyota RAV4 in September 2019 with 51,400 kms on the clock. To date I’ve driven a shade over 10k kms, the clock reading 61,852, and these cunts have the fucking nerve to tell me I can get up to a month’s premium refunded?


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Accidentally closing all your open tabs and you can’t restore them.