Yeremy Pino

I need some Pino after reading those numbers


Pay the money. Around £50m is reasonable

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If we get he’s gonna be the only Spaniard in the team right? Bellerin and Mari are most likely going.
Arteta and his team are gonna watch after him like he’s their kid.
Saka, Martinelli and ESR may get jealous. :rofl:

are you suggesting it is a noir comedy?


Who the fuck is this prick? sounds like a mexican dish ffs

Is it true he’s taller than Lisandro too?

No clue on the reliability but this guy thinks Villarreal only want 45m euro. That sounds very doable.

A lot of reports suggest that its the player’s side that is most uncertain as Pino is happy for the moment at Villarreal. But in almost every transfer (except FDJ it appears), the buying club gets the player/agent’s broad agreement on personal terms first, then negotiates with the seller. So I would hope that is already figured out behind the scenes.

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For the last few versions of Football Manager, he’s been an exciting wonderkid who usually goes on to great things.

I don’t watch much Spanish football but the little I’ve seen of him he’s a tricky winger and striker, fast and direct, so exactly what we need. €60m including add-ons perhaps but I can see him being worth more than that in a few years.

Do as a favour Unai :handshake:

He looks like he will get absolutely mauled in the PL and immediately sent back on loan next season ala Bryan gill.

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He ain’t playing CB.
We’ve seen other midgets tear the league apart in more attacking positions. If he’s talented enough he’ll be fine.

Something tells me the lightweight 19yr old from la liga with 6 league goals last year is not going to leave much impression next season.

Not really excited about this at all.


I wouldn’t sleep on a 19 year old who’s already a Spanish international and has 10 G/As in 21 starts.


You could make a similar arguement about Saka who doesn’t even his man body yet

We’ve got a team full of young wingers. The last thing we need is another £40-50m to be spent on another winger who isn’t ready to produce the goods yet.

I agree . He wouldn’t be the profile I would go and I think if we do go that route it probably means we are putting our trust in Martinelli to explode, which I’m not particularly keen on.

However, I don’t think the point

he will get absolutely mauled in the PL and immediately sent back on loan next season ala Bryan gill.

is fair.

He looks shite and weak. Would rather give the Smith the playtime.

Reminds me of season one of Heroes. How do you stop an exploding man?