Yaya Sanogo


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Definitely in the convo for goat Arsenal striker of all time, according to wiki, since he started playing first team football for Auxerre in 2009 he has scored a grand total of 32 goals in 12 years in all comps.

GL in Morocco, go easy on them you absolute legend :muscle:

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That’s my team in Morocco too lol

Is he the biggest name to join your club?

I would arguably rate him higher then our nr 1 Jeffries on our goat list of strikers. I know that’s a unpopular opinion and I will receive a lot of stick for it, but the guy had it all! Legend.

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perfect example of cheap price, low risk, and no return.


Actually remember him having a couple of good games

Liverpool home I think
And maybe a home CL game, although cant remember the opponents

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Dortmund ?

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Maybe mate
My memory is shocking so cannot remember at all.

So you don’t remember :smirk:


Remember him having the good games, fucked if I can remember the opponents

I walk out of games and forget who scored!!


My only memory of him was his 4 goals against Benfica and that’s it.


:wright: :joy: :joy: :joy:

That’s the most noteworthy thing he did with us.