Yannick Ferreira Carrasco (and a load of other irrelevant shite)

No he hasn’t. Fraser has proved himself at the lower end of the PL. That isn’t the same as proving yourself at a top PL club.


Carrasco’s never had a season where his end product per game has come close to what Fraser put up this year though.

Between Carrasco and Fraser, it’s not really a competition. This is even more exaggerated by the fact that Fraser would likely cost more.

None of our potential targets have proved themselves at a top Premier league side so what’s the point in discussing this?

His stats and performances, playing alongside players that are used to playing in the relegation area, are as good as any player we have.

If he can do it at Bournemouth, he should be able to play at a higher level, alongside Aubameyang and Lacazette.

This is what an Atletico fan on ArsenalMania wrote:

I don’t want to get into it again with others over him, it’s not productive in the slightest but I don’t really want him for a few reasons.

His game had stagnated badly when he left Atletico, you can put it down to the system they employ but he hadn’t really improved in that time at all and some of the flaws hadn’t been developed.

Mainly his selfishness and the fact when he got the ball he was a head down player who’d run down blind alleys constantly, he’s a good dribbler but the amount of times he’d shoot when teammates were better off is unforgivable unless you’re Son or Ronaldo.

Atletico wasn’t the greatest situation for him, wingers often struggle there but his mentality was a bit sus, he’d drift out of games so often it was infuriaiting. Also towards the end he basically downed tools and had packed it in effort wise.

I fear a couple of years in China will have done his game no favours, Simeone wasn’t the right manager but he needed to refine his game to take it to the next level.

He’ll be 26 not long after the season starts and I’m not sure he’ll ever be more than what he is when he left which was a talented but massively flawed winger.

I think Fraser and Carrasco both have the same number of goals against Arsenal, so they’re equally proven

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Oh well was good while it lasted.

Fraser it is.

From a certain world class player to a question mark in Carrasco is a major step down. Unless they already got another more promising player like Pepe tight up or something like that.

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Can’t fathom a situation where City sell Sane.

And also expect Bayern to have a better plan B than Carrasco


Agreed, I don’t believe this rumour

More likely a leak from his agent or the selling club to get us to put our foot down lol

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We are as good as it gets for Carrasco, you don’t go to China become desperate to come back to Europe and then secure a move to Bayern, even with Robben and Ribery gone.

Fuck outta here

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Due to the dynamic of this transfer it definitely feels like it’s all agent talk to get Carraaco’s name out infront of the euro clubs again.

Either sign him up and step away completely he’s not big dick enough to be chasing all summer.


Don’t forget. We once chased Joel Campbell all summer. Nothing is too petty for us.


This is easy to sort out.
We buy Fraser and then Bournemouth replace him with Carrasco.

We would have the better deal

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Meanwhile West Ham have spent £24m on Pablo Fornals and have bid £29m on Maxi Gomez.

Can someone explain to me why Arsenal don’t have any money?