Yannick Ferreira Carrasco (and a load of other irrelevant shite)

Absolutely exploding for Atlético.

Does this goal remind anybody of something?


It’s an absolute carbon copy! :open_mouth:

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Vídeo no disponible en su zona geográfica


Well, it’s Carrasco’s goal, 4th for Atlético yesterday. Shouldn’t be too hard to find. www.fullmatchesandshows.com for example

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He would be a perfect winger in our system:

Carrasco Ozil Walcott



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You guys know which goal I’m talking about, no?

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Of course, oxlade chamberlains, right? :smile:

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His hair and beard are absolutely immaculate. An inspiration to men across the globe.


The goal has the hallmarks of a young Theo Walcott.


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I was thinking more the goal he scored against us at the Emirates with Monaco. :wink: :rosicky: :bellerin:

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He is gonna probably cost around 35 mil atm and if he kept his current form he would cost around 50. Difficult to get him.

He has been the best attacking man of Atlético so far this season.

Great player… the type we should have acquired on the upswing and now is likely out of our reach (or rather AW won’t pay 50 million). Young too - definitely would be an upgrade on one of our wings atm.

Why won’t we pay 50? Where has 50 even come from?

He would be a popular signing among female Arsenal fans he’s really hot.

We could easily get 20m for Chamberlain or Walcott, or 40m for both.

If it means one top quality winger than two average ones, then why not?

Got a feeling @Persona might enjoy his signing a little more than most, if you catch my drift.

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He is a good looking man, no doubt about it. Not quite Abou Diaby level, but close, very close.

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Players like him where never even considered due to our hopeless British core.

Yeah I definitely would :smiling_imp: