Yacine Brahimi


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4 years too late

He’s a decent player and a step up on our existing wing options and given our paltry budget, it makes sense I guess.

Totally underwhelming though and does nothing but further consolidate our slide.

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Poverty FC indeed.


A 29 year old Brahimi, is this what we have come to?



Better be BS

We dont want him. Close this thread ffs.

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Probably still better value for money than Zaha tho lol


fuck OUT


Are you trying to tempt fate or something?

Easy pickings there mate :fishing_pole_and_fish: you replied much quicker than I thought you would :wink:


I hate the fact I tell myself I don’t care anymore, yet these sorta stories still piss the hell out of me


Sky sources, load of shite anyways

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Didn’t West Ham try to buy him? But he was asking for extraordinary amounts of money.

Just give Nelson and Iwobi the minutes lol. If they’re not up for it sell them. Nelson should get another season before that though.

We are turning into a club that is the equivalent of a scruffy old man, in a scruffy old coat, playing The Streets Of London on a battered old harmonica, holding a piece of rope with a scruffy old dog at the end of it, and a begging bowl.

I really hope this isn’t true.

Would not be good before anyone else was signed. Make us look very cheap right now.

Not sure this is the kind of savvy free signing we should be doing. I’m more or less an Iwobi fan and would rather see more Iwobi or Nelso or another youngster.

I also don’t think I believe this rumor at all.



Asked 6m fee to sign and 4m p/y.

I don’t think he would accept less money to join Arsenal. Players, especially when aren’t youngs, push to sign long term contracts who guarantee them a future.

Second doubt about him: the role.

He is not an advanced midfielder but a winger who cuts inside. Arsenal already have Mkhiitaryan, Iwobi, Aubameyang, Nelson + Saka and ESR who can do his job.

A top winger is needed but not Brahimi.

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