Yacine Adli


It does seem line it’s done, but no Ornstein mention lol, why’s it been moved.

Overexcited again @Bl1nk ? :arteta:


Ornstein is on vacation, otherwise he would have said something about Lichtsteiner.


Give him the armband ! Already a club legend this lad


Apparantly he is not sure about his transfer to Arsenal now.


Wasn’t this new regime supposed to have their shit together concerning contracts and negotiations?

Will be super weak if we don’t get this done.




Because a player can change his mind? Especially a 17-year old.


I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again:





Think he can’t sign until he hits 18 right?

And sounds like he may be getting cold feet. Not much we can do if that’s the case.

Moving to a new country, etc is a big thing.


His mom doesn’t want him to leave?






What are you smoking?

The kid is probably homesick - didnt like North London etc. Remains to be seen what happens; not Arsenal’s fault.


Hahah the only signing I was relatively excited about now looks like its not happening, just the life of an Arsenal fan I suppose.


We would still have Lucas Torreira :xhaka: :wink:


Let’s pray that happens but I wouldn’t hold my breath.


That’s disappointing if true. Never seen the kid play but even if he turned out to be a bust it looked like a decent deal for the new negotiating team to pull off.

I wonder if PSG might have made a late push to get him to stay. They’re looking at some FFP issues and may need young, cheap players on their books for the future.


He’s 17 so I don’t really give a fuck if we sign him or not tbh.


Ffs this should never have been moved to the player’s section. I bet it was you as well @Bl1nk you jinxing cunt


Let’s be real lads.

He probably created a Twitter account and encountered arsenal Twitter.

I don’t blame him for running a mile. :joy::joy::joy: