Yacine Adli


He’s the agent, not the shit player from Tottenham. Had to do a double check there too.


Sissoko. Are you fucking kidding me Sven? :wenger2:


His agent luca. Keep up at the back :wink:


It’s a different Sissoko…lol


Thanks god!


I don’t know why, but the shade thrown at Rafa has always bothered me. I just like the guy for some reason. It’s kind of like someone making fun of your slightly awkward uncle… even though he’s an accomplished, smart person.


I agree.
He is a top manager and he can’t really help what he looks like.

Although he would probably look the part in a black jacket and bow tie, with a white cloth over his arm carrying a tray full of drinks :grinning:


Come to think of it I read about him in a Guardian article about the transfer of Dembele to BVB.


Seems a done deal…



Very happy with this. Doesn’t make up for the shambles that is big Mar, but hopefully that doesn’t really happen.


This is a move I think we can all get behind


Going with our academy or our first team?


first team for some games i think that is how he has been lured here, if he wanted to stay an academy player he would just stay at PSG


According to RMC this is done.






He looks a genuine talent, nice to see a two footed youngster…Great signing…


Little one, tbh :unai:


This looks like a brilliant bit of business for less then £250k - PSG must be livid…

Welcome to AFC!!!



Lol! Thought 250k was his weekly wage :mustafi: