Yacine Adli




And then as soon as he kicks on aged 21 and becomes one of the best midfielders in the world we’ll let him run down his contract and leave for a nominal fee to Real Madrid, Barca, United or Bayern.

Cannot. Wait.


What’s the fee?


Emery knows the player tho. He has worked with him the past months and knows what he can and can’t do. If we don’t sign another midfielders he will be 4th or 5th choice so he will also get minutes to develop.


Well a few years ago I’d say like £25m because he’ll likely be refusing to train and trying to force our hand but even with behaviour like that due to the inflationary nature of the market I could see us getting away with £45m which will be seen as a disgrace because a player of his calibre will have just moved for £120m


I meant the fee we just paid to get him this summer lol


Oh right :auba:





Are we getting him for the first team or for our youth?


First team. We have promised him first team game tine apparently.


Have we actually signed this guy ?


lol, there’s always gotta be this guy…

It has nothing to do with his nationality. Same thing with fat spanish waiter not having anything to do with Rafa’s.







Like it… these are reasonable risks and you have to pay up maybe more than you want in order to avoid the “ohh sh*t, Mbappe now costs 100 million - oops too late.”

Our team needs to hit on a few of these nuggets and make shrewd signings plus invest and develop a star every couple of years (at least) through our academy… Right now we have potentially useful AMN, interesting Nelson, and nice potential in Nketiah - not to mention the next gen of characters and a few that have fallen off radar like JRA.


@Electrifying might be asking for some humble pie from the Svengod. :wink: He’s just starting his madness


If we get Torreira I will never doubt him again.

Caglar, Torreira and a RW madness would genuinely be perfect and I will never slander Sven again


this guys seems immensely talentet. Svens is a top lad!


Ramsey, Xhaka, Elneny, Adli and maybe Wilshere makes more sense for the pivot. Not to burst the bubble.


Imagine if Sissoko is part of the deal. I’ve been shitting on him every game he played for France.