Yacine Adli


If Arsene was still here Yacine would be calling him ‘dad’


Well he’s not and thank fuck for that



Arsenal Fan TV were probably waiting for him at the airport


Damn, this kid got some serious ballz




So he is staying at P.S.G, despite zero playing time?


So he’s still Arsenal bound?



Never rated him anyway. Pubehead :stuck_out_tongue:



that could be fellaini or anyone with a mop like hair cut


Thats Fellaini ! we are getting tricked here lads !


The green bag looks like one from a french retail shop :arteta:


It is said he is going to sign a three contract with PSG by the same source who broke the news that he would go to Arsenal. It seems like he made the u-turn.



Fucking agents. Burn them all.



Looking for another job after failing to secure his move to Arsenal? :mustafi:


You know what that agent has said ‘look this is PSG these dumb fuckers throw money around, stay here try and force your way into the first team then you and me are set for life’ I betcha it backfires no fucking way does he hit the 1st team when they are readily spending 220m on players and already are buying up tonnes of talent, his agent has fucked him, stupid fucking kid.


Yes PSG have convinced him. With several million Euros more than Arsenal were trying to convince him with.


Well that’s a damn shame. Knew fuck all about him but he is definitely going to be the best midfielder in the world in 3 years, so we’ve lost out big time here.