Yeah I only watched highlights but that was about as good an episode of Raw as there’s been for a long time.

I did think watching the Punk / Seth / Drew segment that Punk really should be the referee not the commentator.

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How are you finding The Rock?
The more I watch this, the more I want Rock v Cody than Roman v Cody.

I was worried he’s taking the spotlight off of Roman dropping the title if that’s what happens, but possibly that is intentional leading into the Rock / Roman program.

He’s doing some amazing work on the mic which I suppose is no surprise.

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God I miss this shit, I might have to seriously consider watching again if this is back on the menu.

Also once again, AEW had CM Punk. How they fuck that up.


Yeah Raw was very good.

What was all that about?

@RockyMaivia I think Punk messed that up for himself tbf. AEW gave him 2 chances.

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Yeah 100%

That Rock segment was :fire::fire: gimme more of that and less PG and I might start watching again too.

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I thought we’d never get it but we did, and it didn’t disappoint.

Ariel is a master at getting stuff out of people and Punk can’t help but always speak his mind.
Vince, Tony, even Benoit.

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The man needs to grow up. He wants to be running NXT or something similar from what he’s said. He needs to leave this sort of thing behind.

I’m surprised how positive the feedback about the interview has been. Even from the reporters he buried.

He low-key scorched Tony as a money mark.
Perhaps if that interview happened a year or more ago that would be different.
I think ultimately people now know what’s going on and what happened so this was moreso verification that it is a bit of a shitshow backstage.

What I mean is, he is (I think) on the record as saying he wants to move into a senior position in WWE. Possibly in Shawn Michaels current position running NXT.

If you’re WWE / TKO, would you not have reservations looking at the fact that whenever he’s gotten angry and ended up leaving, it’s been followed by one of these tell-all interviews?

The guy needs to find a level of professionalism.

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I see what you mean but from the reported reactions(from both companies) of the interview and they were ok with it. He somewhat had to cover the incident in the interview just to get it out of the way.

I presume he’s gonna be doing some more media this week so they don’t want him getting pestered about the incident in a mire uncontrollable environment.

Ariel seems to be their go-to person for this type of stuff. They also shot an angle with Becky and Rhea after Punk was gone.



Shall we just pin a post that says “Bret Hart was quite good” rather than saying it every now and again?

Bret’s quite good, but he would never be my #1.

Love Macho Man too but he would never be my #3.

Top 5 for me would include Austin, Hogan, Rock, Cena and Undertaker.

Wholeheartedly agree with the top 3.

You would put Macho Man Top 3?

I look at the rest of that list, and in terms of in-ring performing, only Shawn Michaels and Kurt Angle come close (Angle should be higher up the list)

Besides, where would the cream of the crop be if not rising to the top?

You clearly haven’t watched a lot of 80s WWF

Hogan 10th is just nonsense based on their criteria. He scores very high on all of these bar in ring.

Criteria’s used to determine the list: Historical significance. Championships. Popularity. Needle-mover. Time active. PPV appearances. Skills (in-ring, mic, charisma).

Maybe they weighed it and just didn’t mention that part.