I think All Out 2021 is still my fav, but I did really really enjoy Revolution.

I didn’t enjoy the women’s title or scramble matches, but thought everything else was good to really damn good and Ospreay/Takeshita was an all timer. Darby trying to kill himself aside the Sting match was really good too.

I find pretty much all AEW PPVs to be really solid and enjoyable shows (with just a few duds along the way) but there is often lots of “omg best show ever” hyperbole afterwards.

Anyone else get the new WWE 2K game? I don’t watch WWE nowadays but always find the games super enjoyable, been a few nice additions this year.

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Nah, I tried WWE 2K22 and got burned, didn’t enjoy it at all.

I’ve got it. It’s a good step up this year. They went for a quality of life upgrade this year rather than a big new feature like Wargames last year.

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He’s so unhinged. I love it.

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Seeing Drew being an epic shithouser and trolling everyone is amazing.

I have been really tempted to watch WrestleMania this year, after the Vince stuff I didn’t want to but it’s really starting to look like it’ll be a good show and I’m developing some FOMO.

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Love Okada but that’s an insane contract, he robbed Tony blind.
I reckon no active wrestler will earn more except Roman.

Will continue living in Japan, will only appear on TV occasionally, will have a very few matches every year and will be protected throughout his run. All while Okada has kinda slowed down the last couple of years.

Can only imagine what Bill Ospreay and Mercedes Mone were offered.

According to Fightful he’s moving to the states and will be full time, still an insane amount of money though.

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I didn’t clock that I didn’t add the tweet I was referencing about Okada’s wages.

Anyway, for context, Okada signed 3 year deal for 13.5m.

He doesn’t move the needle. The kind of people who would be excited by him are in the main already AEW fans


That’s a wild statement. Pretty much confirms what WWE thought about her leaving. That she’s gonna get it out of her system(going elsewhere) and eventually come back.

I don’t think WWE have missed her one little bit


Looks like Bray is also a lock this year for the HOF

Took me some time, I see what you mean. You think he’s gonna be the final one announced and the one to headline the ceremony?

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Another Smackdown all-timer on the way.
I love sports entertainment. <3

Nah Paul Heyman will headline in Philly. Home of ECW

In which case, I think they save Bray for another year. Whenever he goes in, he’s gotta headline.


Omg Hollywood rock is back!!!


Holy shit, what a RAW yesterday. Biggest crowd on TV show in 2020s yet.

CM Punk, Drew, Rock and Cody making this one of the best Wrestlemania builds in many, many years.
This is how hyped up the Road to Wrestlemania should be.

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