Would you take 2nd if offered now?

2 weeks till the next game ffs.

Just want to watch the boys now.


City brought in Akanji, Haaland and Alvarez but lost Sterling, Zinchenko and Jesus. Even though Haaland has raised the level of their first team, I actually think their squad isn’t as strong overall as last season.

The worrying thing is that even without a dedicated #9 last season, they posted 90+ points. That tells me that they can win the league with Haaland or without him. They’ll be fine when he gets injured, and their depth is still better than any team in Europe.

The title is theirs to lose barring a ridiculous injury crisis.

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Yes, this is basically how I feel. Only voted “yes” a few hours after initially seeing the poll and finding it too hard to call either way. I really wanted to vote “no” lol


Imagine we didn’t have this pointless international break… could of fit in the PSV and Everton games

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To be fair, this is the last chance international teams have before the World Cup.

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Don’t care. Shouldn’t even be a winter World Cup in the first place


Theres an international break every September October and November each season tho. So this doesn’t have anything to do with the world cup

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International football was magical back in the days. Now its just wasting time until the real football begins again.

I fint hard to take even Euros and WC serious these days. A winter World Cup surely is the most inept thing to ever happen in this sport.

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My point is there’s no need for this international break considering we got a massive international break in November to December

If you want the WC to go to hot countries, then having it in the winter makes perfect sense.

Nations League is quite important to the wee teams though. Just ask Scotland.

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Certainly taking Top 4 right now.

It’s naive to think we can sustain this type of pressure in teams for a season long campaign, especially with a whopper of a world cup chucked into the middle of it. That alone lends a sense of uncertainty and not just for Arsenal.

Certainly enjoying the way we have started this season but also wary that we are The Arsenal, and funky stuff happens to us :vinai:


I think you’re right but, although other clubs have got thin squad’s as well, we do tend to get more injuries than most, especially to key players.

Partey, Jesus, Odegaard, Saka and Ramsdale are arguably our most important players but also in positions we we have the least depth of quality in.
So an injury to any of them and we could struggle.

yeah our injury thing is fucking annoying… I do wonder how much is familiarity bias but it does rather seem like we have had some terrible luck there… I worry a tiny bit less about Partey atm - my main paranoia is now if Jesus breaks down it just creates a cascading problem for us.

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Gave this it’s own thread since Super Mik Arteta got derailed

I’d take 4th and EL win

Otherwise I feel we’ll do better than 4th

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Love the confidence!

61% says nah

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How we get to 4th matters as much as the position.
Fourth isn’t an achievement. Falling into this position from aiming high is one thing. Spuds got it last season on an end of season run. They have a slightly better squad this season but don’t convince me of doing anything substantial.
Similarly season before last United finished second but nothing was put in place too improve on.


4th gets us back in the Champions League so yes. Champions League arsenal with Gabby, Partey and a host of exciting under 25s. A strong summer and we can really push on.

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totally agree - its why I harp on points total being a better measuring stick…

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