Would you take 2nd if offered now?

Would anyone take 4th if offered now?

  • Yes
  • No

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I want higher than 4th. And the UEL trophy


I think we’re good enough to be shooting for 2/3 spot.

I don’t see anything special in any of the teams including City (who I still think will be runaway winners)


Nice, interesting results so far

I’d take 4th if it meant further investment in the squad and new contracts for Saliba and Saka. I think City are better than us and that we will finish behind Spurs so I have us 3rd at best anyway.

It’s still so early and Liverpool, Chelsea and United could still catch fire.


This is probably the best win of the season so far because it came after a defeat by a rival club.
Even under Wenger, if we lost after a decent run, it would often mean in the following games we’d struggle, like we did against last season when we lost to Everton then Man U and at the end of the season against spurs and Newcastle.

Beating Brentford comfortably showed a resilience that we’ve previously lacked but I just hope the injuries that are already starting to occur and the lack of depth, don’t ruin what could be a good season for the club.


Probably yes, second or fourth doesn’t make much difference… But somehow I’d like a comfortable top 4 finish, getting third or second place, just to make some kind of statement.


I would but I would rather take finishing above spurs. :grinning:

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I’d take 4th now because ultimately that was our aim for this season. Get back in the CL so we can attract a higher calibre of player, and then push on from there.

But I’ll surely think very differently if we’re still in the same position as we near the end of the season, which I think is unlikely.


I think we are the second best team in the country right now. A distant second perhaps, but I can’t think of anyone but City we should just accept finishing above us as things stand.


Yeah I’m never going to take a deal like that. I would never cash out on a bet either. Prefer to just ride the wave and see where it lands.


I would definitely take 4th if offered now.

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Injuries to Jesus and Partey for a long period will really hurt us. It’s guaranteed that Partey will be absent again.

So if the squad stays the exact same and we get our usual spate of injuries, I think 3rd or 4th is a good achievement. Should be looking at high 70s at a minimum in terms of points tally.

However, if we strengthen in Jan with a quality midfielder (Danilo?) and forward (Mudryk?) then I think we should be aspiring for 2nd.

Squad is a bit thin in certain positions which will cost us an 80+ point season. Our bench yesterday was a prime example - had random kids making up the squad. Won’t be getting 2nd if we don’t have better depth.


A lot of people on podcasts I listen to think January will effectively be a mini summer window and not the usual January window due to the world cup and clubs having 6 weeks off to plan it

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If a club like Madrid, City, Newcastle etc make a massive signing of a World Cup star I could certainly see that kickstarting a busier market

I’d take it because it because of a few reasons.

It’s still early in the season and we’ve had a favourable schedule thus far.

It would assure us of a CL return after a 6 season absence.

Our squad is relatively small which is likely to hurt at some point.

I can’t see us winning the league and ultimately 2nd or 4th offers the same prize.


Who says it was our aim?

Exactly this :clap:

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I’m conflicted on this one I’m optimistic but cautious at the same time. At the moment we look good but like most said our squad is a bit thin. Also when we came up against a direct rival for the top 4 positions we did no fair well. In saying that I would take it now


Most squads are though… only City really has players all over the place that can step in and do the job… probably for them they are at most risk if Haaland goes down, but even still their squad is just insane.

Every one of our other rivals have squad issues or areas of risk/depth, even moreso than us imho… especially with Vieira looking useful, Partey coming back (ok, ok, he’ll prob go down with hammy in next game)… for us its Jesus i think as our defense actually has some depth for once and even CM is shored up a bit with XHaka playing well and Zinchenko able to slot in there.