Worst Arsenal Moment of the Decade


  • Ramsey leg break
  • Losing to Birmingham in the Carling Cup final
  • Newcastle 4-4 Arsenal
  • RvP red card versus Barcelona
  • Man Utd 8-2 Arsenal
  • Selling RvP to Manchester for ‘football reasons’ and gifting them a title
  • Chelsea 6-0 Arsenal (Wenger’s 1000th game)
  • Arsenal 1-5 Bayern (2-10 agg.)
  • Arsenal 2017-18
  • Emery’s arrival
  • The last seven games of 2018-19 season + Chelsea 4-1 Arsenal
  • Other

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It’s not even close for me. 8-2 really put us in our place and that’s where we remained for the rest of the decade.


Ramsey leg break for me

Obviously the Ramsey leg break was horrific, don’t really think it’s fair to include that amongst the others.

But anyway, that aside I’ve gone for the Van Persie red card v Barcelona because that’s the one I’m still not over. Honestly, whenever a player kicks the ball away and doesn’t receive a booking (pretty much every time!) I get a little bit angry again :rofl:


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vote again…didn’t realise editing the poll would fuck up the results. my bad!

Wenger leaving.

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I didn’t vote the first time :slight_smile: just presented my opinion.

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Ok but only because I want to, not because you told me too. I’m an independent free thinker.


I was thinking, since everyone is voting in the vote, I’d be such a non-conformist I wouldn’t vote in the vote thread.

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I was having a threesome while Ramsey got his leg broken, as selfish as that is I was having a good time then.

4-4 vs Newcastle for me. The biggest bottle job I’ve witnessed. Had we won that game we would have gone 1 point clear on top of the league with 12 games left. Instead we threw away a 4 goal lead and in the aftermath of that game we completely threw away the league by winning only 3 of these remaining 12 fixtures. United won the title that year with 80 points, which is pathetic and disgusting.


Selling the best player in the league to a rival which helps them win the league at a canter has got to be up there

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Same here… that game scarred me for life.

4-4 for me. I never recovered from this. It’ll take me a long time before I’ll feel confident on the road again.

Fucking Tiote, who never scored goals, too. I believe they got a cheap pen too.


2 pens, after the idiot Diaby allowed Barton’s provocations to get to him and got himself sent off


Might have been two… I recall Rosicky getting clattered into and getting called for the pen…

8-2 was horrendous at the time. I turned the game off at 7-2 due to how stupid it became (probably came on here for a rant). Now that I’m older I can laugh at how bad our defending was, but at the time I couldn’t see any light at the end of tunnel. We lost Cesc and Nasri in the summer and that moment compounded it.

4-4 at Newcastle took the biscuit. The Diaby dunderhead red. The referee awarding Newcastle two pens. Joey Barton. Urgh.

Went for 8-2 but 4-4 is a close second.

Do we have to pick only 1?

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In the poll, yes. In your post…no.

8-2 was horrible. But we were playing a lot of kids at Old Trafford.

However the Emery hire has to be the one for me, objectively.

It was an indication deep down, that the management were morons, and not serious.

But you want to back the club and get behind the guy, especially after a big change.

But that felt like having to eat a shit sandwich. Was dreadful for about a week.

And then having to endure that for the past 18months (18 lost months as the end of Wenger was also pretty dreadful) eurgh.

Can you add an option for ‘all of the above’ or ‘the decade as a whole’

On a serious note, I’ll shaddap and make a vote :slightly_smiling_face: