Women's World Cup 2023

We’re in!!! :smiley: first time ever qualifying.


Are we gonna use dogs for the deciding third round now?

Seeing as we beat your mens team at Hampden and you beat the womens team at Hampden :laughing:



What is this chant?

Celtic Symphony

haha ffs

Although from my ear it doesn’t sound like “up the Raaa”

Had I not been told, I would have never have guessed that was a song supporting the IRA.

It’s not ideal, obviously, but it’s also not that big a deal. Doesn’t help with it happening in Glasgow either.

Actually it’s a song written by The Wolfe Tones about the centenary of Celtic fc with references to Irish rebels. The song is performed all over YouTube and all the other streaming services , it’s really not a big deal otherwise I’m sure these platforms would have banned it.

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When the Queen died did Rule Brittania get to number 1 in the English charts?

Nah, God Save the Queen by the Sex Pistols

Can’t even rule the airwaves these days.

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