Wolves vs Arsenal (PL)

Tbf I tend to do mine in the first 5-10mins of the game when you can clearly tell it’s gonna be ‘‘one of those days’’.

And for the record I back Arsenal too. I layed down good money on nil nil after we went down to 10 men vs Liverpool few weeks back :sunglasses:

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This is one of the most even polls I’ve seen on here.

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I can see a Wolves win and a RED card or injury for us in this game, just because it’s us, and we are really hoping to have all of our squad fit and available for selection till the end of the season.

What I would love is a “take note” away performance, where all the so called togetherness, team spirit and comradery that this team has, and all the tactical work being done in Dubai, bears fruit and we win 0 - 3 or so. But then I would also love to pay no taxes :xhaka2:


Is it 17 games left? Ideally, we need to be looking at at each of these games as season defining, which in reality they are, but the preparation has to be equal to that.

The squad is thinned, we’re weaker now but by God, we need absolutely everything this team has to offer from hereon in.

That’s why this result will be a stoic draw.


Tomiyasu is still out btw.

We should have signed Spence as cover.

Just feel we might be a bit short for this one fitness wise.
Big crowd and they’ll be up for it. Close for 70 minutes but they’ll be stronger. 3 1 loss.

It’s so fucking annoying how we always seem to be the last game of every week. All other teams play today or tomorrow and we play the day after. Either way, I think we will lose this one.


Couldn’t of played due to playing for 2 other clubs.

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Ahh yes

I forgot that rule

It feels like this match could be a real defining moment for the rest of our season.

A win and team confidence grows and the fan base gains belief the Arteta project may be worth being patient for.

Another defeat and looking at another 7th or 8th finish will suggest that April/May is the time to bring in someone new in good time for the Summer window. Important someone new has a few matches with this squad before spending a lot in a new window so Kroenkes cannot kick this can down the road much longer.

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I forgot we were still a football team. When and where will this supposed match be played?

I can answer that bit.

In a shithole :rage:


I lived across the road from Molineux when I first joined OA.

I can confirm it’s a shithole

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Going to this one.

Up the Gunners!


Loving the negativity in this thread…

3-1 to The Arsenal!


When was the last time we played a football match? Two, three months ago??
Ffs, I hope our players haven’t forgot how to kick a football. Not that they’ve been particularly good at it beforehand though…

Ffs I even forgot whether I was Arteta in or out during the last game… :pires2: I’ll have to check my history… :arteta:

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Didn’t we have a game behind closed doors somewhere?

Yeah against West Brom last week, think we won 3-0 or 3-1