Wojciech Szczesny


According to whom :rofl:?


Szczesny probably has a higher ceiling than Fabianski, but always liked Fabianski more for us than Szczesny.


One of the things I didn’t agree with Wenger on. SHould have kept Szczesny & let Ospina go


I wanted him to stay forever too :cry: It still hurts. We didn’t even get a decent fee for him, basically gave him away for a cup of tea and a biscuit.


Story of our life with transfers


I still love Szczesny’s anti-Spurs stance. He’ll rile them at any given opportunity


We could get him back. Why not?


Because Leno’s better.


Woj and Fabs did an interview in Poland about Gerry Peyton. :smiley:

Question With Gerry (He means Garry Peyton - former Arsenal GK coach) it was a typical English locker room?

Fabianski&Szczesny No, not really

Szczesny Let me give you an example of a thing when you laugh at first, but then you’re like I’m playing for Arsenal, is this for real? Before the match with Chelsea I hear: Watch out. When Hazard takes his penalties, he will shoot at the opposite side of where you will dive.

Fabianski&Wisniowski Laugh

Szczesny And that’s funny, but then you’re like did he really just said that?

Fabianski Mentioning penalty analysis he used to said (Garry): listen, he shoots that side or that side, but best go with your feeling.

So, he shoots here and there, but do whatever you want more or less(Fabianski comment on the matter).

Szczesny One time we had a GK debriefing out of nowhere

Fabianski And it was a video debriefing, we have never done video before

Szczesny Not knowing what it will be about we’re going right? And it’s a 4-5 min video of goals that I let past me, but could have done better.

Fabianski It’s only Szczesny goals though

Fab&Szcz They were only Szczesny’s, but there was us and Vito(Vito Mannone) and Emi(Emiliano Martinez), maybe?

Szczesny So, were watching, but we dont know wtf is going on. It’s just showing errors, he Garry Peyton) is not explaining anything. So the video ends and Garry says: See, you’re not perfect. And that was it. We’re all looking at each other like welp


No mate he means Gerry. If your setting up a hatchet job (interviewer) do you research.


Lol ffs he was such a shit GK coach and probably the reason why every keeper we have sold is better for their new team. Thank fuck he’s gone now


Im not sure a GK coach can have that much influence.We simply dont have a great history of talented keepers after Seaman.


Didn’t Cech bring in his coach along with him?


was meant to but we kept Peyton, i said a long time ago that the guy is shit. I mean look at the fucking state of him, how in the fuck will he be able to impart anything of use to GKs when he looks like he couldnt even jump let alone try to save anything.


How did that clown survive for so long? They must have complained to Wenger at one point and he ignored it!?


I think a bad coach can’t make a keeper worse but a good coach can make a keeper better.


Yeah can see that. Just dont see Peyton having been the reason for average keepers not turning into greats.


You can’t see it because nobody said it :wink:


Of course he did. Wenger didn’t get rid of his cronies for anyone. No one could say a bad word about them