Wojciech Szczesny


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It just about edges; btw I am talking from the old forum it wasn’t a vocal minority that thought, he wasn’t at our level and we can do so much better, turns out it’s the other way round.


It’s the same forum. There was good reason to think he wouldn’t be good enough two seasons ago and opinions changed based on two loan spells. You can’t just ignore the evidence that doesn’t suit your argument.


Not ignoring it; at all opinions did change.


Good coaching making all the difference. Potential dies at Arsenal.


If he was still here, he would probably be bored and complacent. He’s got inspiration at Juve and has just taken over from arguably the best keeper in the modern game. He’s buzzing.


Happy he’s doing well for Juve but he didn’t perform for us. That’s why he was loaned out and then sold.


should never have been dropped for the midget ospina in the first place, like I said years ago


He has taken over from a great now he is on his way to being one himself.


That plus it sounds like he has matured quite a bit. Shame that he couldn’t put it together here. We don’t know what else was going on behind the scenes…


After his dad started mouthing off to the club; that’s when I felt something was going to happen and he might not stay after the loan.


I don’t think he’ll ever be a great. It’s almost inevitable that if Gigi Donnarumma is on the market for a reasonable price, Juve would buy. Or if they had any sense they’d take Perrin as Buffon successor.

I think as much as Woj has improved Roma were happy to move him on and Alison looks a special keeper.


Alisson has been receiving a lot of plaudits recently. If he’s everything people say he is we should probably be all over him in the summer. I don’t think GK is an immediate concern right now (Cech is probably good for another season) but if a legit world class 25 year old is a possibility it would be stupid not to try and do it to lock the position down for 8 or so years.

Though I doubt Wenger cares about the long-term right now.


Mattia Perin is looking decent too, he won’t be at Genoa for much longer. He is 25, too. I suspect we’ll probably try get Timo Horn though.

In comparison, Donnarumma has been pretty poor this season, has gifted the other team a few goals.


So in your opinion he will not be a great keeper, while he is on course for another golden glove in Italy.

Juventus could stick with him and buy a back for him.


Winning a golden glove doesn’t make you a great goalkeeper. Cech won it at Arsenal and made plenty of errors in his first season as did Woj. What makes you a great keeper is much deeper than an award which does nothing other than count the amount of clean sheets you kept and has nothing to do with your actual performance across the 38 league games.

When all is said and done, Woj is not going to win the golden glove because he is second choice and as soon as Buffon returns from injury, Woj will drop straight back to the bench.

But I don’t think he’ll be a great goalkeeper. I’ve watched him develop in Italy and it’s safe to say he’s probably in the upper second tier (if such a thing exists) of keepers but watching him I just don’t feel like he’ll ever have enough to be in the elite bracket.


Wining the glove shows consistency between the sticks.

10 in 14 is nothing to be scoffed at, clearly he is performing at the level Juventus wants and expects.

Maybe he will maybe he won’t be replaced when GiGi is fit again we will just have to wait and see.

For me he has always had the qualities to be a great keeper, just the maturity and concentration was missing; now it seems it has clicked in place for him.


Winning the golden gloves shows that in 14 of the 38 games you played (Random figures thrown out) you were able to keep a clean sheet. It doesn’t factor in the other 24 games where you could have been making mistake upon mistake or conceding soft goals.