Wojciech Szczesny


This was me:


No disagreement on Aluminum… my City mates teased me about him all the damn time.


You couldn’t even if you wanted to, that’s the safest argument on planet Earth.


I could be wrong but didnt we beat Wigan in the FA Cup semi final in 2014 on penalties?

Surely whoever was in goal then would of saved one (Fabianski?)

I agree with you though, we should never of sold Woj. He should of come back at the start of the 2016/17 season as our number 2 and then this season should of been No.1


Yeah, Fabianski saved a couple but the stat excludes penalty shootouts. Maybe just Premier League. We’ve faced about 24 in a row without saving one. By the law of averages we should have a better record than that!


Cech should just bloody stand still. One will hit him evetually

I’m sure i also saw a stat saying he has only dived the correct way about 3 or 4 times from all the ones he has faced


Problem with all our goalkeepers in general and most of our fucking players is our coaching is just dreadful. Look at who our goalkeeper coach is, he is just washed up what the fuck is any goalkeeper gonna learn with our outdated approach to everything. Peyton only looks like he could save hiself a pie what the fuck are people gonna learn from him in all seriousness, then we wonder why all these players move away look world class and look utter shite for us…the coaching might possibly be ummmmm 50% of it the other 50% is wenger is a fucking garbage coach which sticks to old philosophies wich doesnt work and generally fucks our players up. I mean just look at these players on the pitch i dont think a single one of them knows EXACTLY what is required of them it looks like they have been told ‘ummmmm go out there and ummmmm play some football have fun in the position i put you’


Don’t think I’ve ever wondered that about a single player who left us.


well if not WC at least somewhat competent. Or do you mean it is quite apparent?


There’s very few first teamers who left that made big improvements. And I’d say that number is basically zero for became world class.


The stat Phoebica posted should have said that it’s only counting penalties in regular time, I saw that stat earlier myself and it added that stipulation.


They’ll all come at once. Next time Cech saves a penalty he’ll be like



Still remember his save against Udinese in the Champions League playoffs. The best penalty save i have ever seen.


He is not coming back, get over it. He is doing well at Turing, there he has more chances to win silverware than here and he is playing surrounded of top players in an ambitious enviroment.


It was the day Szcze had an absolute nightmare of a game against Southampton after which he smoked in the shower. That was pretty much the end of him as an Arsenal player.


Most people on here was glad he left… I was devastated, now look at him doing so well for himself.


I wasn’t glad, I knew he was better than what we had going into this season, but ultimately personal is irrelevant under this management regime. Would have been better to keep him for when we finally get a new manager, if that day ever arises.


Imagine selling him for £10m :rofl:

Nope. I’m never getting over this.


tbf it’s helps playing with probably the best defensive team in Europe


He was always a good keeper; OA didn’t rate him highly.

Personally I did not want to sell him at all.