Wissam Ben Yedder

Canal reporting he will be moving to either Arsenal or Sevilla in the next few hours.

Yedder is a 25yo playing for relegation strugglers Toulouse, scored 17 and assisted 5 this season and scored and assisted 14/3, 16/5, 15/4 in prior seasons.

Not sure where the options to add video is, but here are his goals/assists for this season

Interesting. Are they reliable?

Odd though, Arsenal or Sevilla? Pretty sure a player has his mind made up long before hours he signs…

Canal are pretty reliable. Either he had contract offers from both teams or he’s using our name to get a better deal off Sevilla.

Looking at his technique he does look like a big talent that’s gone under the radar

Crazy name Crazy Guy ,right in our price Bracket ,its a winner !

Is there anything actually from Canal+ regarding this or just someone claiming so?

Looks a decent player! Wouldn’t be mad at this

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Wouldn’t be the worst option but judging by that video and his size he would probably play on the wings for us rather than up front.

I’m so tired of reading the words “reliable” or “pretty reliable” in every single rumour thread. It’s all click bait and people who want to be known as top ITKs on social media.

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Watching this. Good finisher! Judge them on talent not a name!

At this stage I feel like just signing a striker not named Takuma Asano would make me happy.

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ٍSame this.

Any more sources?

I’m boarding the hype train lads.

Between Asano and this guy we’re really going all out for non South American strikers with the South American low center of gravity style.

I like a forward who’ll take people on and work in tight spaces.

Tbh if we’re not signing Higuain, Griezmann or Aubameyang (as we most likely never were) then this sort of player was always going to be what we’d be going for. Might work, might not but I’d rather try than do nothing.

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Seems to be quite consistent with his goal tally. 17, 14, 16 and 15 in the last 4 seasons?

That’s good, but we’ve already got a “16 goals a season” striker in Giroud…

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True but he does look to be really fast at everything he seems to do upfront, not to mention apparently he’s two footed - five star weak foot on fifa wooo.

He might suit our style more than Giroud who is essentially Bernard’s Watch when it comes to a pacey build up.