Wissam Ben Yedder


He decided to join Sevilla and is set to fly from France to Andalusia.


Going to go out on a limb and say he’s chosen Sevilla.


Oh for fucks sake


All the work preparing the player thread for nothing.



Her first tweet is saying that it was basicly done last season not that his plane ticket has already been bought


shame was loving the name . back to the rumour mill. Trions mate Dick Law (who sponsored trion in a charity program ) is busy right now !


If signing Ben Yedder for €8m means we can get a top player in another position, I’d take him but I don’t think it works like that with Wenger. It’d be Ben Yedder and money in the bank.


His middle name & his surname don’t go well together; yet i feel compelled to stick to Ben Yedder.


I think we should go for this guy, he far outstrips Lacazette for goals to games ratio and can only get better. Reminds me a bit of Suarez too. If he can be bought cheap will be a far better option. I don’t get how Wenger used to be the best for getting talent from the french leagues but every year realy talent just go to other teams. Dembele, Hazard, Probably this guy, Coman, Raibot the list goes on and on…he rarely buys big talents anymore its always projects that could go either way or finished articles pretty much, but no real TRUE talents that you think OMG where could this guy be in a few years time he could be a monster!

WENGER GET THIS PLAYER FFS, he is so cheap! He always does this lets another fucking team get players like this and then he sort of wakes up and is like ‘wow he is good, but now he is worth £60m…i nearly signed him when we could have had him for $5m’ Change the record for once and buy the fucker, he is there for the taking!


Is that how much he’s going for? Christ that’s good value.


Who is she though?


Not fussed. Gabriel Obertan part II. Good luck at Seville.


I looked at her twitter and it seems like she works for L’Equipe.


Either a Seville fan or someone that works/is close to Seville


Come on lads. Chins up. It would be an actual striker at least :joy:


He is a damn good striker actually if you look at his strike, has a far better goal to game ratio than Lacazette and has better skills too. People would be happy with Lacazette, but unhappy with this guy because of the name and price, when in reality he seemingly is the better of the 2. I for one would be quite happy with this guy, i reckon he is actually going to be a big name in time.


How does he have a better goal to game ratio?

What are you basing this from apart from the previously posed youtube video?


Actually, that is what i heard, but it is slightly wrong but not by much…look here, Lacazette 40m this guy about 8m

Not much between them really:



I don’t want us to spend £8m on Yedder. I want to spend £40m on Lacazette…Yedder rhymes with cheddar and although I like cheddar especially when it’s melted on toast, I wouldn’t want to watch melted cheese at the Emirates next season…it will just get messy and frustrating and I won’t enjoy it.