Wish List

So the Forum has been publically active now for almost 2 months and I think we’re starting to get a handle on things around here and adapting to the way it works.

Now things are settling a little and we’ve improved various things, I’m sure there are features or something appearance wise you’d like to see on here. at some point on OA. There will be some things that probably won’t be possible or not what we need, so not every idea or suggestion is viable.

So, use this thread to post things you would like to see feature and either we’ll be able to install a plugin for it, or make one ourselves further down the line :slight_smile: Bare in mind, if we don’t adopt something immediately, doesn’t mean we won’t at all, just some things will take much longer to do than others.

Let’s hear some suggestions.

Flags and bigger avatars and it’s pretty much perfect for me. :slight_smile:


Anyway I can send a pouting Allardyce pic to @morrisc311 each time he makes the same ‘had to let go of few employees’ joke?

Good business that.

One lengooner please


Still find it strange that Len hasn’t found his way here yet.

One thing I really want to see is having Birthdays appear on the site again (ignoring the current thread). With a bit of luck there is a plugin that should allow for that again soon. From what I’ve seen, it’s really neat :birthday: Though will need testing before we can give it the all clear.

@Mysty maybe he doesn’t know lol. Should try and contact him.

Don’t really have anything to wish as I don’t think we need anything lol

Maybe a way to mute the chat bot. That’s all I can think about right now.

[quote=“Calum, post:7, topic:631”]
@Mysty maybe he doesn’t know lol. Should try and contact him.
[/quote]That’s the most likely reason. But it seems no one has any way of contacting him. Was no one close with Len on a personal level?

@TheSpecialCnut mute what chat bot?

The one that tells us every time someone logs in/out of mdc :slight_smile:

The MDC chat bot.

Ah that. Have no idea, if that’s possible. Probably not I’d have thought.

@Persona Absolutely agree about Nationality flags. There is no plugin for one right now. But it might be something we can do ourselves at some stage. But don’t expect such a thing to appear during the rest of 2016. That’s more for further down the line when we understand the software coding more, but that will take a while :slight_smile:

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Might be a cool little feature (if it can be done on this forum software of course) to allow people to have their own signatures, it used to be funny when people used to lose bets and had to have Beiber as a signature saying they ae beliebers etc, some of the signatures were quite cool too!

Just a personal opinion but I think sigs on here would be really offputting tbh. Can still bet your avatars :slight_smile:

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nah sigs are past their sell by date. leave them in old OA

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I think sigs are very outdated in a Forum sense these days. Now the site is more mobile friendly, it’ll just add further clutter.

In any case, we now have the usercards, which in many ways you can display signature like stuff as a background. I know is not quite the same but it does allow you to customise something more personal like that.


Games? :thinking:

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As I said to @Bradley a little while back, I’d love to see Arcade back one day. Having said that, we’d have to link it up with our Wordpress site, and we’ve somewhat put that back on the shelf for the immediate future, so an Arcade is less likely for the time being. But never say never :slight_smile:

Awesome! :grin:

With a bit of patience, good old Len eventually found his way back :wink:

So been a little while since this thread was looked at. Made some further improvements since then. Birthday cake feature well up and running.

Might experiment with avatar sizes at some point. Still really miss the flags…

Would you like to see for example, something in the form of a “Whose Online?” feature return?

Now we’ve moved on a few months down the line, what things would you like to see, or should be improved upon?